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Got 2 warnings simultaneously

so I have this old account on fiverr but I started working some months ago.

Luckily I got good clients and earning gud on fiverr, am giving my best day and night here to make a gud life

today I woke up and saw 2 warnings on my account, they came at the same time

  1. for sharing contact info:
    yes I remember some client did share zoom or ■■■■■ info and coz I provide the services of web development and hosting, tht client needed to fix some bugs on there hosting and dont want to share the server info, he said he wants to share his pc on zoom and I will fix it through it, I agreed and did that, now in the second case, a client hired me for a whole week to work for some SEO softwares installed on his local PC, so same case, I had to interact with his pc for tht I needed zoom or ■■■■■.
    So my question is how I will do these jobs if this is not allowed on fiver??

  2. for giving empty deliveries.
    again yes I delivered empty, I just wrote the website which I made and said the delivery is done, coz I had a customer who wanted me to make a wordpress site for him, I made the site on his hosting and did everything he needed, at the end I delivered the work and he was very happy with me.
    and I did this same thing with multiple clients, coz sometime they just hire me for weekly work, or for email marketing or just to fix a bug on there hosting server. I do the job and mark it delivered. coz I have nothing to deliver, no file no source code nothing, I just completed the job as buyer said.
    Now I want to know how I shd do these jobs? wht am doing wrong??

and getting 2 warning simultaneously is normal? like I got 2 email at very same time at very same second.
and one more thing as I said I did this multiple times, clients shared zoom or teamviewer or ■■■■■ with me multiple times and also I deliver 3,4 empty deliveries for the same reason I mentioned above, so te warning was for the first one?? it means more warnings are coming for the same reason???
if its like this thn I shd wait for the end of this account in few days???

Thnks all


So you put the link to the website you made in the delivery box, with the right text? In theory that should be okay if you say in the delivery that you’ve made that website for them and put the link to it. It would be safer to attach something too - any proof that you’ve made that website. If you cant attach the actual website files maybe 1 or more screenshots showing proof you did the work?

Maybe you could contact CS about that one since you actually did the work.

For the zoom one, if it was required for the gig, you’d need the gig set up for that with a place for them to enter those details in the requirements section I think. Asking for those details in the inbox might risk a warning. But checking with CS would probably be best to make sure you do it the way they want and with their permission. edit: It’s probably safer not to use zoom unless it’s absolutely required for the gig. I don’t think the OPs one really required it - they could have given you the required details on the order page.


yes I contacted the CS about this ,expecting there repply.

and wht about these?
“is this normal to get 2 warnings simultaneously???”
and these were for the first empty delivery? it means I will get more warning for other empty deliveries which I made??


I deal everyday with my clients’ accounts (emails and passwords). Basically your workflow is just wrong.
It’s forbidden to do Zoom Calls or to contact your clients outside of Fiverr. You are the seller and it’s your job to guide clients and to ask them what you need, by making them perceive trust and confidence.
You must know Fiverr’s ToS as a seller.

  1. Many of my clients has asked me for Zoom Calls and I simply explain them it’s not possible and I illustrate them a solution of their problem (in that case they don’t feel confident about communicating through fiverr only by chatting).
  2. If I say that I need their credentials to log-in into their Hosting Accounts, it means if they want to work with me, they must provide that information. That’s it. If they don’t provide any information of that kind, they just cannot work with me. How do you think, you’d be able to set-up a website for someone without having access to it.
    If you need someone to repair your tap, you’ll have to leave him in your house. It just works like that.
  3. If you contact outside of fiverr, not only you can fool Fiverr, by leading your client to another platform, personal website etc, but you can be fooled too, since you don’t have any proof or evidence in your conversations. One day your client can request to cancel an order, and you won’t be able to do anythyng.
  4. How did it come on your mind, to provide an empty delivery?
  • You won’t have anything in your portfolio in that way
  • You don’t have evidence. Your client can simply migrate the website and tell fiverr, you didn’t do your job and cancel the order
  • You will be unprofessional, because your client will only receive a link and that’s it

I have said enough to show you that you don’t have any plan into your working process, but of course I won’t tell you more since I have build my working process by myself without any help.

Best regards!


This could actually be your 3rd warning. I highly advice you to read the ToS. You are not following a lot of rules!


omg THANKS ALOT for this, I got a clearer image now, and I removed it immediately .

I will red ToS again carefully and will try not to get more warnings.

and just in case if my account gets suspended wht happens to my earnings? am I allowed to withdraw my earning or not?

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I am not sure. I guess the answer is no.

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ohk thn I guess I have a bad luck in this, thnks for replying

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Yes, after 90 days waiting period


It is not normal. I hope they don’t get your account deactivated. Just wait for their reply.

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It is normal. If someone looked at his gig and noticed those two violations they just applied them both at the same time.


You are approaching this entirely the wrong way. You shouldn’t be offering jobs that Fiverr doesn’t permit you to do! You make yourself sound like a victim, when it is you that didn’t follow the rules. You need to familiarise yourself with Fiverr’s terms of service, which you would have agreed you read when you created your account.


If there are two separate violations, yes.

Count yourself lucky, there are some users who got 2 warnings simultaneously, and then the message that their account was restricted.

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I absolutely agree with you. Thanks for your explanation.

thnks to everyone for replying, I realized my mistakes and hope my account dont get banned,

and if gets banned, I wont do the same mistakes again.

Thanks all

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It is normal to get warning for violating two TOS rules at the same time? You are not sure. Please, check again.

what do you mean “I’m not sure”? I am sure of what I said. if he violated two rules he will get two warnings for it. and it might happen at the same time if it’s the same person who was checking his account. It’s not the first time we see people receiving warnings and blocking account at the same time.

Maybe you would like to share with us on what you are basing your assumption that it’s not normal?

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I absolutely agree with you.