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Got $20 Tip

Wow! I have to say there’s lots of buyers, who appreciate your work. I have got my first tip of $20.00.

On $25.00 Job. Also a wonderful review, as a seller couldn’t asked for more.

What Is your higher tip so for?


Did that make you cry ? ;))

Naa. Very happy tho

got my first tip today

awesome news =)

yeah Love it


Thank You Mnsartstudio

Congrats but i didn’t get tip yet. hope for it.

I got my first tip yesterday. It was pretty exciting!


Wow! You must have done an outstanding job! Kudos to your for putting forth a good work product and kudos to the Buyer for acknowledging it!

Reply to @kay2809: lol! You mean tears of happiness!

Dude would you like to share it :wink:

Congrats that is so awesome, finally a buyer who truly values good work!!! I wish I could say I am in the “got a tip club” but unfortunately I have not received any tips yet :-((

Thank you everyone. I got more tip. Me so happy.

I didn’t receive any tips… 8-|

Nice! Congrats!

well done and go ahead… Hope you will get more tip for your quality work