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Got 3 orders but GiG not Ranked

On one gig I have delivered three orders of worth 60 $ in 4 days with a 5-star rating and amazing reviews.
But the problem is my gig didn’t rank and other gigs having No order are on 1st page.
Can any Fiverr expert tell me the reason?

You cannot do anything to control where your gig shows up in the search results. You are not likely to have your gigs show up on the first page, just because you want them there. That’s not how Fiverr works. The algorithm determines where your gig shows up, and it can vary from day to day.

Worry less about why your gig isn’t on the first page, and just be a great seller your target customers want to hire.


ok Boss I will try my best

You don’t know if they don’t have orders and we have discussed many times why the algorithm allows people without reviews/new sellers to rank high.

How can you question the validity of an algorithm when you don’t understand how algorithms work or why businesses set them as they do?

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Don’t call people boss. It’s so unprofessional. Why would you assume he would be okay with you calling him that?


it’s fine but logarithm placed me on third page among sellers having no order

ok thanks for correction

I just said you don’t at all understand how algorithms work. You’ve proves my point.

There are many reasons why “no order” sellers would rank well. Many. Successful professionals seek to understand how things work instead of assuming how they work and then pouting when they turns out to be false. No one has wronged you and it doesn’t help you to run on false impressions about how business works.

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It’s mathematically impossible and makes no business or algorithmic sense to rank people based on how many orders they have.


OK now i got your point. and will keep working hard to get placement on 1st page

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