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Got 3rd Warning and restricted

Hello Everyone,
Last day i got restricted after the third warning. But it’s still under review. I am afraid if i can’t get back my account. Anyone can tell me that he got back his account after third warning? I am sharing the mail that i got from fiverr. And if anyone want to give some tips about how my account can be recover?

There’s an issue with your Fiverr account

Hi proseobd,

Your account was flagged for redirecting to external sites.
To protect our community and promote a safe marketplace, we ask that you do not link to an external site within your profile/Gig/interaction. We also ask that you do not request to redirect users off of the Fiverr platform. In general, we do not allow the use of external links on Fiverr in order to protect community members. However, we do allow you to display links to your work samples in your Gig portfolio. Please see our list of approved URLs:

This is your third warning and therefore your account is currently restricted and under review by our Trust and Safety team.
During the period of the review, you will be able to complete your active orders. However, you cannot place or receive new orders and you cannot communicate with users, other than your buyers/sellers within an active order. Our team will keep you posted with any update.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out at

The Fiverr team

No, we haven’t seen anyone who got their account back after 3 warnings.


Is there any way to get back this account or communicate with fiverr team. That if they can give me a chance?

It all depends on fiverr CS. And as I said before no one ever got their account back after 3 warnings so no, there is no way.

Of course you can always open a ticket with them but I highly doubt they will give you another chance. They already gave you 3 chances and you used them all.

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:expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless: Maybe they will never give me back my account …

To be fair, they gave you three.


They gave you three chance already. And you used all. After all you should open a ticket and tell them if you have any logic to recover your account…

I don’t remember anyone who got their account back after 3 warnings. Maybe if the warning was given by mistake, but in your case, with 3 warnings, it’s unlikely that they’ve all been given by mistake.

Only if CS allows it, but it’s highly unlikely.

You can do that like everyone else does, by submitting a ticket to them.

How many chances do you think you should be given? You broke the rules 3 times, and the first two times, you didn’t get banned.

Why would they, after you broke the rules 3 times?