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Got 4 orders in first Week at Fiverr

Hi there, I am new here, but I created my account since almost 1 year. But now i’m giving my most of the time to Fiverr and doing hard work. So I’ve completed 3 orders in just three days with 5 Star Rating and delivered 4th order in just 2-3 hours, I’m really happy about it.
I’m telling you my experience with many kinds of people during this week at different forums.
A week ago, I posted at Facebook that I’ve received 60 clicks on my Gigs but no order “What should I do??”. One said “Keep Patience” but at the other hand one said “You will beg for orders…”, that make me really feel bad, but I told to my heart to focus on first comment that was Keeping Patience and doing hard work and at last after that day I got 3 orders. I was really happy.
So, if you are new or not, don’t listen to any one and keep trying and doing hard work and keep calm, your success will come at its own time neither before nor late.

Thank You soo muchhh for giving some time to read. Stay Blessed Always :slight_smile:



Congratulation man. Carry on.


Thank You Bro :slight_smile: . Stay Blessed !

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How did u get a first comment? I heard it is a challenge!
Have made my first gig just right now…

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What comment? Kindly clear that, comment on FB or from client?

What is your gig? We can talk about what it is we offer, I believe.

It is allowed to put a link to your gig within your own topic in the category Improve My Gig and in My Fiverr Gigs.

Congrats Men. You are doing well.

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Great. Patience pay off .Good Luck for More :slight_smile:

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Thank You Brother :slight_smile:

Thank You so much Brother :slight_smile: