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Got $5 Tip and good review but rating only 4 star


Hi friends,I am back with another intresting experience on fiverr.I got my first 4 star rating on fiverr last week. The buyer gave me basic $5 order though his project was $15 as per my package category. He didn’t consult me before placing his order. When I show his order I sent him the request of modification of order price. But after 2 days there was no response from buyer.I have got the notification from fiverr that he is new on fiverr. So I thought I should complete his work in $5 only. I completed the project and deliver it with 100% quality work.
Then he completed the order and write a very good positive review about me, At the same time he gave me $5 Tip.But when it comes to gave me rating I show it is only 4 star.
It was completely out of my imagination that I will get my first 4 star rating with $5 Tip.

Should I feel happy for $5 Tip or feel bad for less than 5 star rating.


Nothing you can do about it after the fact, so be grateful for the tip and 4 stars. It’s odd that Fiverr hasn’t framed them as such, but a 4 star review is still positive. I’ll also heard that for some people, it’s just a cultural thing that no one deserves all 5. :man_shrugging:


Regardless if he was new, I would still inform him of the price difference. If he didn’t like it, then you would just move on. If you allowed him to have quality work for $5 then I feel as if you did get taken advantage of. Especially, if you didn’t already have a package that was $5. It is one of those things that if you allow one person a free pass then others will follow.

As for the tip, be grateful that you did get one. He could have just paid for the $5 and then never get in touch again. At least, he recognized your talent and rewarded you for it. That will put in a good word among his peers (hopefully) to boost your clientele list.

With your review score, I am sure that if you provide excellent quality then one review shouldn’t necessarily matter. At least it was 4 stars. Could have been worse.


I’ve seen 4.7 star reviews plenty of times. It almost feels like something went wrong with the averaging of the 3 questions.

Hard to say, but a 4 star review + tip is still great. When you get a lot of orders, those will all even out. The 4.7 star reviews I’ve received have not dropped my overall on my page below 5 stars.

I’d say you’re good to go :slight_smile:


I’ve had buyers only give me four stars but give me a tip and tell me how happy they are with what they got. Either it’s a glitch, or they made a mistake, or a bug, or they simply answered that last question “would you buy this again?” honestly and basically are saying they wouldn’t buy it again since they don’t need to buy it again.


I think you right. I should be happy with tip and 4 star rating and move on.


Yes at least 4 star and Tip is far better than 5 star and no Tip.


I have realized only now that the question is a bit different, "Buy Again or Recommend ". Indeed, above the list of the reviews, the correspondent rating is labeled just “Recommend to a friend”.

This made me think that “buy again” and “recommend to a friend” are two different things, and not necessarily correlated. Then there is the fact that this is a binary question; one would answer just “yes” or “no”, not using a scale of one to five:

– “Would you buy again those bananas, George?”
– “3/5”.

And these are possible future initiatives of the buyer.
It’s not my service they worry for. It’s the future intentions of the buyer. I am rated on those for 1/3 of the total; for the other two thirds on communication, not explicitly on quality:

if you provide top notch service with high quality, you’ll receive the kind of great feedback you deserve.

Feedback consists of three service levels:

  • Communication with Seller
  • Service as Described
  • Buy Again or Recommend the Seller

Top notch service with high quality; they say that a great feedback is based on that. From Providing feedback:

The following are the questions in which you can rate the seller:

  • Communication With Seller
    How responsive was the seller during the process?
  • Service as Described
    Did the result match the Gig’s description?

It almost seems that if the Gig’s description is clever and vague the right amount, the seller can deliver rubbish. Quality is mentioned in the premise but isn’t in the equation; description is.

Only at this point I have discovered that there is a limit on the tips:

How much can I tip?

The minimum amount is $5.
For orders below $25, the tip can be up to $25.
For orders above $25, the tip can be up to 100% of the price of the order.

Note: These limitations are in place to prevent fraud.

Time for some music, 5/5.