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Got 61k Impression in Just 30 Days


I am getting thousands of impressions, views and clicks but unfortunately my gigs are not in the first page of search result . In fact gigs are getting down day by day. Those gigs were in first page… After changing the gigs image and updating price the gigs got down. Can you guys tell me the reason?


Hi @webdevit,

I hope this note finds you well!

I am sorry to learn that your gigs are not being listed in the search results.

I will be following this convo to learn if others are experiencing this same situation. I am an L2 with over 200 five star reviews and my gigs don’t show up at all. I used to rank anywhere between the first and fifth page, but in the last two weeks I’m not even on the last page of the search results list. I’ll be watching! Thanks for posting.

Wishing you continued success! <3


Hi @ilovevoiceover ,

Thank you for joining in this conversation. I contacted fiverr support to know why this is happening to me, but they were unable to give me a proper solution. I knew that if i had much impressions fiverr ranked up the gig in the search result. But now i am experiencing something different . I want someone who can tell me the fiverr rank up policy. Stay connected.



Same situation here, webdevit! My search ranking used to be top of Page 1. Now, it’s Page 3 or lower in the search results. My business has fallen dramatically.

Level 2 with over 160 5 star reviews on this gig.

I do hope they sort out this testing phase soon! It’s getting old.



I hear you, Lisa! I’m having the same experience! I was really making progress with my Fiverr business, and now I feel like I’m being sabotaged by this search algorithm testing they are doing.



Hi @danno1950,

Thanks for your acknowledgement! I heard the same from CS a week ago:

“We can confirm that your Gig is in search but bear in mind, we’re currently running some tests on the search placement algorithm in order to best maximize placement for all Gigs.”

For the last week I’m not showing up at all in the search results. It’s disheartening. I’m sure the Fiverr Tech Team is hard at work trying to get it right. I’ll be watching this convo.

Be well, Dan! Thanks again. :blush:



You’re very welcome, Lisa! I looked on the forum and realized that it was a Fiverr wide issue that had been going on a while.

I agree - disheartening says it all!

Best wishes and patience for both of us! :slight_smile:



I think it is because fiver software engineers are running test in order to provide a better way of gigs placement in the marketplace. Once my gigs were also disappear but luckily after two days it started showing my gigs in search.


But i am so unlucky that my gigs reached to the 7th page from the first row of the first page. I am a full time seller, works about 15-17 hours, gigs are all 5 star ratings, impressions are 2.5k/day. I am so scared now for the fiveer algorithm they are developing.


Hi Friends!

I hope all is going great for you in Fiverrland. I wanted to provide you with an update. Over the last two days I’ve been in close contact with CS and great news – my gigs are now showing up again in both key word search and filtered search. It sounds like a few more changes will be rolled out tomorrow, so I’ll keep watching here.

Hey Imran and Dan @webdevit @danno1950 Are you guys seeing any changes in your ranking?



Hi Lisa,
Thank you so much for the update! I’m delighted to hear that your gigs are now showing up once more. Mine are still buried far down in the results, but I’ll keep watching, and hoping the new changes will smooth all of this out a lot!

I’m glad you’ve gotten a response from CS. I messaged them 4 days ago, and haven’t heard back. Normally - they respond very promptly.

Keeping a good thought that the changes will smooth things out! :slight_smile:



Its not test anymore, the new algorithm is permanent, because i already contact CS


Glad to hear that more changes are coming.

Great information, amirulslee - but even if the algorithm is now permanent, they can still make changes and improve it! :slight_smile:


Says who?

Let’s see your proof.