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Got 650+ But no order


I am very worried about my gig. I have edit my gig now but still not getting order.
Please tell me if there is any fault in my gig. Kindly please tell only fault. I am not asking how to get order.



Kindly Please… Any expert here

From what I see, your gig is almost perfect. You have 600+ reviews. Amazing reviews and your last delivery was 3 days ago. If you ask for help, I’m very worried.


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could you please tell me what impressions you’re getting? Please share the screenshot. I’m also a level.1 seller and same problem with me. Not just with you, but many other sellers of Level.1 and 2 are facing this problem. I think these days, fiverr is only promoting new sellers.


Same also getting clicks but no order


I was also facing the same issue some weeks ago. The problems might be:

  1. You are using the wrong tags on your gigs. Your gigs are appearing on the search results but are appearing on the wrong places. Try to do some research on the right tags and keywords to use on your gig description. That might be the reason you are having high impressions but no sales.
  2. Try to create an offer that is attractive, don’t price your gig too low. Most of the buyers on Fiverr are looking for quality not cheap services.
  3. Make your gig descriptions attractive and enticing. Something that will convince someone to purchase your gigs
  4. Make your gig image more attractive, it’s the first thing that creates an impression of your services wheb people search.
  5. Be unique, do a research on competitors who are doing well and see what they provide, and find what you can provide that is not in their gig packages to make your gig stand out from the crow.

Most of the advices I’ve mentioned here are advices I’ve also received from people who are perfoming well on Fiverr. As you can see from my profile, I’m also trying to climb the ladder. Ask questions from top sellers, never shy away. That’s what the forum was meant for.


If you want help you just need to create your own new topic.

Asking for help in the middle of someone else’s topic is not allowed.


I think the thing is The Gig Rotation policy. To make all sellers have their gigs appear in the first page.

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My gig gone in second page :sob:

I don’t know how people know on what page their gigs are. But what I think is, it depends on where your gig appears when a buyer makes a search. Remember, there are lots of gigs on Fiverr’s search engine.

But I can see you have done some amazing work on Fiverr, when I see someone like you complaining I get really worried for myself.

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In search with my keyword then will appear on first page. But still 4 days ago not getting order

I edit my gig thats why I am asking . May be there some fault in gig

Maybe it’s the gig rotation policy. Or have you got any cancellation lately? I had one of those from a scam buyer and it really affect me. The whole month of March I did not receive even a single sale.

Yeah, editting your gig can help. But I’m a big fun of you. If you have managed to make 600+ sales. I’m so sure you’ll go through this.

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Okay thank you. Will remember that :slight_smile:

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Yes you right but this time totally I dont know what i can do

Are you buying from yourself?

Because only if you are buying from yourself then for you your gig is on 2 page.

For every buyer the search results are completely different.

For Mark you are on page 15.

For John you are on page 3.

For Mary you are on page 1.

For Felix you are on page 25.

You are being served to buyer as per his search history and past experience.


Oh Thanks for Great info!!