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Got 9 Orders on my 1st Day, How to deliver?

He Fiverrs, I joined the fiverr today and have got 9 orders, I’m from corporate world but now have decided to stay at home and take care of my baby. I’m new on fiverr. This is really interesting to get 9 orders on first day but curious how to deliver. Any suggestions.

WOW. Way to go.

I think you should not spend more than 10 minutes in a single order if you are making $4 out of it. This way you will be able to deliver many orders in a single day.

if it’s going to be an heavy burden on you, I suggest you partner with other seller of your Kinds.

I guess, you thought about how to deliver a gig before you set it all up. You are the marketing lady after all. Setting up a business plan is quite something for $5,–

She has a 2 day delivery time for 9 business plans and she also offers 1 revision. So she could do five minutes for the business plan and then save 5 minutes for a possible revision, lol.
A business plan in 5 minutes…
But OK.

wow… for $5 you sure offer a lot. I wish you all the best in delivering them with quality.

It’s very simple… complete the scope of work agreed to in each order, and then go to your dashboard, click on the order you’ve been working on, and select the Deliver Now button. Attach your work, write a nice little message encouraging them to use your services again in the future, and click send.

9 orders in one day… that’s fantastic… if you’re finding there is such a high demand for your product/service, you may want to evaluate what you’re providing for the price. You don’t want to work for free. It may be too late at this point though… looks like you’re going to learn that lesson the hard way.

Best luck to you!

It s great you are lucky one… but check your page and gigs …you didn’t done any task … how can you are saying 9 orders in ist day ?

I checked my dashboard and it shows 9 orders and same in my gmail inbox. Is it not true?

@webmodi Orders are still ongoing.

I think your gig is loved by any moderator or editorial. Otherwise every new seller is claiming like ‘no orders even after a week’ :smiley:

wow amazing! best wishes.

Your graphics are good but I was just curious why the fiverr watermark is on them?

How long will each one take you? Work around the clock to get them done then adjust your time to deliver and raise your prices.

That’s amazing…
have you posted any Gig?

Oh boy.

That’s a good start! Make sure you increase delivery time and charge more $ for 1 day delivery


Congratulations that’s exciting.

At the same time it must be overwhelming with a baby at home. You need to rethink you pricing structure. How longs does a business plan take you to complete?

I would suggest to limit your orders. You can find more infos here:

Best of luck!

You are lucky. I am not getting my first order since so long :frowning:

how you got 9 orders 1st day ? plz tell me i’m on fiverr from last 3 weeks but not got order yet :frowning: