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Got $9 tip. guys! want to know your tip history


Hello,Everyone how are you all? Today i am gonna tell you about my tip history. My order was $45 and i completed with 5 star review.After that i got a notification,and that was a tip :grinning: .That moment i was so much happy. It was my first tip.That buyer was really a good man cause he helped me every way.And still now i am working with this buyer.Now i want to know your history guys,share with me.I am waiting. :smile:


I have received tips far larger than $9. But you don’t need to know the details.

My successes, are not your successes. So learning the details about what I’ve worked hard to achieve will not help you become a better seller. Each of our success stories are different. And I do consider some things to be on a need-to-know basis. And you don’t need to know. :wink:



wow!!! what kind of service do you offer ?? @phantompower


Congratulations. You’re doing great, just a few friendly tips to help you on your journey.

  1. Try not to call people “bro.” I know that Fiverr isn’t a boring corporate office, but it’s not a frat house either. Try something simpler like “Here’s your custom offer” or “check it out.”

  2. Charging for commercial use makes buyers less likely to buy from you. As a principle, I never pay for commercial use because once your order has been reviewed, your property becomes my property, and what I do with it is no longer relevant.


yes, i will agree with this that you said,“what I’ve worked hard to achieve will not help you become a better seller”. But i want to know just your experience when you got that’s it. @jonbaas


thanks. i will keep in mind :slightly_smiling_face: @fastcopywriter


That wasn’t mine the one who posted was alcy the dancer.


wow he was very lucky and probably he deserved this tip for his work. @phantompower


I’ll pass, thank you. You don’t need to know. :slight_smile:


You cannot get a tip for more than the buyer paid for the gig.

I once got a $100 tip on a $5 gig so I had to send a custom offer to the buyer when he asked me how he could tip me that much.


okay no problem. Carry on :slightly_smiling_face:


wow that’s really great. Superb!!!


I already have. :wink:


I wonder where this post is heading… Carry on.


yeah man, i saw your profile. you just awesome.


:joy::sweat_smile: thank you brother


Thank you. …


This is my Last Tip. How About this :thinking:


I like this Song Thank you for sharing this :wink: i will also listen this in my car with full sound XD