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Got a $100+ Gig Order! Its a UNICORN but there is Hope for Sellers!

I got an order worth over $100 on 1 gig.

Its rare, like a unicorn but dont give up its possible!


5 Gig Orders + Extras

(Dont Forget to Add Extras!)

  • 1 Day Delivery for 5 Gigs
  • Other Extras!

Thats great… Congratulation …

would you please give me some advise i am new in fiverr…

Thanks, here is my other post “Seller ADVICE: Level 2 Seller (Average Seller)”

Congrats! I guess it just depends on the niche though. $100 orders are not rare at all for gigs in the video creation category. People love long marketing videos and perfect voiceover synchronization jobs, apparently. :smiley:

Yeah the Job or Category your in probably does matter on your order or gig extras, but usually ive seen the more work a gig takes to complete, the higher gig extra costs are.

For basic $5 gigs and a small gig extra more a $100+ for 1 order is pretty rare :slight_smile:

My average sale is $105, worked hard to get it to this…

Good to hear people on Fiverr can be averaging $100+ per sale =D>

congrats $-)