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Got a 4.3 ratings review

Buyer put a 4.3 rating, even though everything went in perfect order. Now, I am not allowed to make offers and respond to buyer requests. Is it bad or not, what do you think?


Hey guys, but what about I am not allowed to respond to any of the buyer requests because of that “bad” review.

That’s just Fiverr’s rule. It’s not a bug or anything, you’ll just have to get on without buyer requests until you get better ratings.

You shouldn’t rely solely on buyer requests for orders.


So, now you marketing your gig and get more click, view, Impressions then rank your gig within 30 days. Then I think you get auto order.

Buyers are free to leave the rating they consider appropiate.

The key is to get hundreds of buyers so you limit your risk of getting a bad rating. One thing is getting 4 good reviews and 1 negative, the story changes when you get 99 positive and 1 negative.

Keep pushing!

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Dont worry. I once got a 3 star review and it said “everything was good”. they did not want any revisions either.

The explanation in the review was pretty good though

I also got a 4.3 today, will my gig rank now?