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Got a bad review? I just turned a 1 star review into a 5 star review!

How hard do you have to work to get those 1 star reviews to 5 star reviews?

It depends on the situation and how bad you want that review to be good, but most of the time its going to be HARD.

I come on here read a lot of stories of TRS and others, how everyone gets bad reviews and it happens. This is true and it happens to me but I care about my reviews and making my customers happy. I also immediately message customer service and anticipate that the buyer will do the same and email customer service from their point of view. I’m going to make a post as soon as I get a chance on the sellers tips in ways I get bad reviews off but for now let me tell you, it took about 1 hour of talking to the customer, dealing with customer support, doing the gig about 3-4 times, and going back to talking to the customer.

A few things that happened was, I got extremely upset after the bad review, then we both got extremely upset we both felt we gave each other a raw deal, but in reality it all came down to communication, and that is also what customer support saw as well. Well after clearing up the air with communication, then we talked about scope of work and needs and wants, the customer I’m glad was happy at the end of our discussions but I didn’t give up or give into the agreement unless my point of view was accepted as well. It took me an extra two to three tries with the gig because of the broken communication, but to me seeing that 1 star review become 5 star review is worth it.

Some buyers don’t believe or can’t believe you can have all good reviews and no negatives, well let me tell you that there is no manipulation with the reviews, I have earned all my positive 5 star and have turned my bad reviews into good reviews, sure the buyer was hard to deal with and had his points of views but I believe there is always a way to negotiate terms. I also state, I DO NOT accept bad reviews because if you work with me I want to make my customers happy so I can earn and deserve 5 stars.

Given the type of gig I sell the only type of review that would benefit someone is critic of my acting or delivery of the message/advertising, then I believe that should be a different kind of review that affects my type of classification and not business service in general. If I let the reviews effect the business service I offer, its like saying the sales in tickets effect the academy awards which it doesn’t. One thing that also helps is that you have your own policy in place during the order process and seller requirements, so that way you have the upper hand with your gig description on how much customer support can help you in the situation too.

I’m going to do a list of points in the sellers tips area of things I do to keep my positive rating on the positive sides. You have to think about what to do before the bad reviews and anticipate any type of negative outcome or situation where the buyer can and some will take advantage of.

How did it go with your customer fellow fiverrs with taking bad review and turning them into good reviews? Did you feel it was hopeless?

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I have a customer who wants to change his review. How can someone do that?

Yes and I don’t understand this because I have had all great reviews and just got my first two star review a month ago after 4.5 years. So I guess that makes me more believable.