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Got a bad review yesterday, buyer agreed to review but it's not working


Hi everyone

Does anyone have experience with changing buyer reviews? I did a 24hrs gig for a client yesterday and delivered everything perfectly. the deadline for the work was near so the client didn’t want to ask for a revision.

the buyer complained about how I portrayed the personality in my writing but not about the quality of my service. The funny thing is that I was given a tip then left a bad 3.8 review. I contacted the buyer and politely asked for a change and the client agreed. but nothing has changed. the review is still there. I have received the message from F saying the buyer agreed to change the review but the review didn’t actually change.

Please, what can I do now?


Yes, I am new here and all my orders have been from BR and I have met the absolute worst buyer so please don’t remind me about this.


You’re not allowed to do that. You may ask for a reason if they didn’t write a comment, but you’re not allowed to ask the buyer to change it.
Every buyer has the right to leave you rating that they feel is suitable.


But I read on this forum that we can use the resolution center to ask a buyer to change their review?


Did they make a mistake? Did the buyer contact you asking if they can change it to 5 stars?
Because based on this review I don’t think they made a mistake



Maybe, the buyer said it was not intentional. but even if not a 5 star review at least 4 or close. why would anyone give you such a low review when you actually did the work as stated?


The buyer has the right to rate your service as they wish.
Unless they specifically contacted you and said that they made a mistake, you have no right to ask them to change it. It’s against TOS and you might get banned for it.


OUCH! I didn’t see that coming.

Thanks for your reply. i guess i have to deal with it. thank GOD i have other orders, i would have been screwed.