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Got a bad review


Fiverr customer support cancelled my order i didn’t give bad review to buyer but after 10 days buyer give me very bad review and because of that i’m not able to make offers to buyer request is anything that can help to make my rating again on 90% except getting orders because i’m new user i never get an order directly from my gig how can i enable my buyer requests


Are you sure this wasn’t a chargeback? If the order was cancelled the buyer can’t leave a review.

Besides delivering more orders, there’s nothing you can do. And this will be a good time to start promoting yourself to the people who need your services, that’s how you can get orders without buyer requests.


When you deliver your order you can let them know they can ask for changes if required. That would help too if you sent the wrong thing by mistake or something different to what the buyer asked for. If after delivering something you notice it wasn’t correct in some way there is also the option of re-delivering even if a customer hasn’t asked for it to be re-delivered, as long as there order is not yet complete.

Since you have other reviews that are good it might not have too much affect once you get more orders.