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Got a blog or a website but getting little to no money from it?


I’m currently offering super targeted visitors to all kinds of sites. I can support over 700 different categories, so I’m sure I have visitors that are interested in the category of your site as well. With the system I’ve set up, all of these visitors will be real, unique visitors from all over the world with a genuine interest in your site, and it’s ads if they are relevant.

I also offer GEO targeted visits if you prefer US only visits for example. I’ve been using these visits myself for over a year now and they have proved to be 100% AdSense safe, as long as you don’t ask me to send 100 visits every day (Unless your CTR can handle it)

This works best if you have adsense on your site, as google offers superior ads when compared to adbrite for example. On average a normal site with 3 big adsense banners can make the $5 back 4-5 times, and a site with higher Cost Per Click even 50 times.

I also guarantee that there will be clicks if you follow my instructions, otherwise I will happily offer a refund. :slight_smile:

Ask away if you have any concerns and also read what other buyers are saying!

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I like your post!

So if I am getting this right, If there are Google ads on the site, and you run your adverts you would expect to make $15 from the adverts being clicked?


Reply to @ehelper888:

Yes, that’s basically it. Although how much money you can make with the visitors you get depends entirely on three things:

  1. Ad placement
  2. Ad relevancy
  3. Keyword Cost Per Click

    If the banners have horrible positions (hidden in the footer, or too small in most cases), there’s only a few clicks. With big, visible banners usually half of the visitors notice an interesting banner and choose to check it out. Also there’s keywords out there that pay even $100 per click, but I haven’t tried those out myself.

    The gig comes with perfect ad placements to maximize the click potential.