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Got a Fraud Buyer

I am working on fiver since 2017. Recently, I got a fraud client. We have discussed the job requirements before place the order. After place the order I have completed the task fastly. So, the client will satisfy with my service. But after complete the website, he downloaded that theme file which I have completed and telling me that I haven’t done anything. Then, I design the theme again after that he will ask me to work extra. Then I tell the client that it’s not our deal. But, I will do it for you. And I asked the client that Could you please tell me this is your last requirement? Then he treading me that I will contact support and suspend your account. What should I do about this situation?

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You need to decide what you want, to be respected or pushed over?

When you are sending offer make sure that everything that is included and it is not included is clear without doubt.
In your GIG description explain what you offer and what is included, use FAQ for everything that was not included in the description. use mandatory requirements to protect yourself from random misguided buyers.

In this case tell client that all that was in the order was delivered if he wants more he has to pay extra. If he says he will leave negative or cancel, let him. You can not live in fear of cancelation or bad review, it will happen eventually.


That’s right think. But I didn’t mean that point about this issue. You saw the screenshoot that he is threading me.

Let him. You did everything as per order so let him be. Deliver and add custom extra that he must pay if he wants more.


Firstly he removed all the designed that I have done. Then I was thinking that how is it possible. After at a time he is threading me that he is going to complain in fiverr. At this situation do you think have to deliver the order with the legal document?

Wow… A buyer trying to scam an honest seller, and fiverr most likely going to protect the scammer? Who would of thought huh?


Deliver screenshot of the site finished and your delivered files, deliver them again if they are all as per order requirement. If he wants revision ask him to tell you exact things that he wants fixed and if that is not included in revision price ask him to pay more. if he refuses just live it for CS to handle.

Stand your ground.

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Also, The buyer account is new. I totally understand that the buyer is a fraud. That’s why I think sellers should not get in trouble with the client. I canceled the order. But for this fraud client, affecting the seller account. This is our profession but some of the fraud buyers we are suffering from this situation. What will help the Fiverr CS if we contact Fiverr support?

It depends on how you canceled order.

Did you provide proper details so CS can clearly see what was going on.

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Yes, Definitely I have all the proofs.