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Got a Gig through Buyer Request

Hi there,

I sent an offer through a buyer request and they responded saying I would be receiving funds to buy the items and the shipping fee then I can carry out my assignment. They wanted my phone number and paypal email address. I’m wondering if this is genuine or not. Let me know.

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Genuine or not, it’s not allowed to do business / transactions outside of Fiverr platform. :wink:
Eventually if order requires it you could be in contact with buyer via phone, but all transactions must go through Fiverr platform. :wink:


Just like matevzs1 said, its not allowed.

:heavy_plus_sign: I am 99.99% positive it’s either illegal or a scam to steal your money or worse you do all, they do PayPal chargeback &You’re out of :heavy_dollar_sign:.

Do Not Do It