Got a Gig through Buyer Request


Hi there,

I sent an offer through a buyer request and they responded saying I would be receiving funds to buy the items and the shipping fee then I can carry out my assignment. They wanted my phone number and paypal email address. I’m wondering if this is genuine or not. Let me know.


Genuine or not, it’s not allowed to do business / transactions outside of Fiverr platform. :wink:
Eventually if order requires it you could be in contact with buyer via phone, but all transactions must go through Fiverr platform. :wink:


Just like matevzs1 said, its not allowed.

:heavy_plus_sign: I am 99.99% positive it’s either illegal or a scam to steal your money or worse you do all, they do PayPal chargeback &You’re out of :heavy_dollar_sign:.

Do Not Do It