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Got a negative review and can't give buyer request

Hello friends ,

My name is Silpa. I’m here by 51 days .
On the 30th day of Fiverr , I have got my 1st order. I got 5 star and tip too .
Then I got 2nd order in last week . The buyer is quite unmanageable . He gave me 3 revisions because I offered unlimited revision. But he is not satisfied with the work anyhow he accepted my delivery . 2 days later , he rated me with 3star and negative review :cry: Now my overall rating dropped down from 5 to 4 star . I can’t give buyer request now due to this .
I had got these 2 orders by giving buyer request.

What can I do ? Please help me .

Thank you .

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Maybe try to get orders through the Fiverr search now until the average is high enough to also send offers to buyer requests. Maybe promoting your gig(s) somewhere might help.


I’m not able to send buyer request …To give buyer request I need atleast 90% positive rating.

@silpa_puzhakkal I didn’t knew that one is not able to send the buyer request once his average drops below 90% but if its yes then try sharing your gigs on social media and improve your keywords search and SEO of your gig. Improve the thumbnail so that you can get orders from the search result and with time you will get to the correct position on fiver.
Hope this helps. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for your support Sir .

Don’t worry, as you’ve gotten your first 5 star review, someone will contact you. Your gig would still be visible to clients. With time, you’ll be able to see buyer’s request

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Luck! sorry to hear that.