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Got a negative review? You are in good company!

I see so many people getting terribly upset by negative reviews and it puzzles me a bit.
Sure, I don’t like getting them either but I tend to shrug them off quite easily as I am aware that people can be odd. It’s what makes my favorite hobby of people watching so much fun but I’ll save that for another post I think.

For now, take a look at some of the most amazing sights in the world and some of the negative reviews left about them.

It is also interesting to read negative reviews about places which have nothing to do with the actual place itself such as Messy road leading to it or Too many tourists. Sound familiar? Buyers can leave whatever review they want on the Seller’s profile… Whether their experience was “ruined” by an issue with payment, customer support, their screen brightness being too low/high, their kids spilling food on the TV or whatever else happens that day.

I encourage you to assess any negative review you get and if there is any truth to it then learn from it. If there’s not then just leave a professional response and shrug it off.
The types of Buyers you want are those who would still visit the Grand Canyon as they would disregard the negative reviews it has as being from people who’s advice they would never take anyway.


The Grand Canyon - overblown sandy ditch - 1 star

Christ the Redeemer - Just a concrete pillar. I spent 5 minutes here - 1 star

The Great Pyramid and Sphinx - Tiny and full of Brits in leggings - 1 star

Golden Gate Bridge - Bridge color was not the same as advertised - 1 star
Hadrian’s Wall - More fun at a funeral - 1 star

Other favorites are:

- The Taj Mahal - Don’t go inside
- Stonehenge - Big bits of stone in a field
- The Sistine Chapel - Horrible


Great post!

I agree with you. You can’t do anything about irrelevant, bad reviews, or unreasonable clients. We all get them. Like the one time, I got a 1-star review because I didn’t want to work for free, after making it very clear to the buyer that I would be happy to help him - if he compensated me for my time.

Unfortunately, we can’t do much about them, other than leaving a professional reply and move on.

If there’s any truth to the review, this is when you have to pay attention. Could you have communicated better? Put more effort into it? Clearly described your offering? Always take serious feedback seriously, and learn from the reviews.

Unfortunately, we as sellers are extremely dependent on the reviews. Most buyers leave a five-star review if they’re happy, and a one-star review if they aren’t happy. A few of those one-star reviews can ruin your gig completely, and be nearly impossible to bounce back from.

On the other hand, all the five-star reviews only tell us what we already know, and doesn’t provide feedback that might help us improve our offering. Rarely have I gotten feedback that was useful as anything else than a marketing tool - adding to and helping me maintaining my 5-star average.

In a way, this can lead to complacency, because everyone is telling us we’re doing a perfect job, instead of leaving honest feedback that could help us improve. Because we’re so dependent on those reviews to get work here on Fiverr, nobody wants that anyway - because it can cost us opportunities.

Anyway - it is what it is - and a one-star review from a buyer isn’t the end of the world. The world of reviews are very black and white.


Great analogy. It’s all about perspective and context. Buyers are savvy. They have both.

And buyers are actually skeptical of something that only has great reviews. It looks fishy, like the business has cultivated bias somehow.


Once a guy messaged me saying something like “I’d like you to communicate more in our next order but everything was great”. That’s good feedback to get because I know that guy wants to be kept informed along the way


That is exactly the type of feedback I would love to receive more of (in private, at least :rofl:)

Feedback that helps me improve is always welcome.

Once I got feedback that one of my deliveries was a bit louder than the rest, and that caused me to implement a routine to avoid that in the future. Very useful.


Oh, Eoin, you are so…:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::rofl::rofl:
This post made my day.

Allow me to add this to the list.
Behold, the Sky Tree, the “symbol” of Tokyo.
It’s nothing but a metal stick. The first time I saw it, I looked at it for 10 seconds.
Seriously, there is NOTHING to see. 1 star.


First things first, what a nice post!

My first negative review was quite disheartening (like it is for everyone) and it came from someone who probably had very little idea of what they were saying. That was all the more the reason why it seemed unfair and uncalled for. I wanted to do something about it so I resorted to the forum to understand how best to tackle these kind of reviews. Turned out, the only way is to write a response to the review, explaining your stance and just move on.

Not the end of the world and you can’t help but come across all sorts of people. Just have to deal with it and give your best shot the next time.


That’s not a metal stick, this is a metal stick!

I’ll see your Sky Tree and raise you Dublin’s “Pole in the Hole” or The Millennium Spire as it is officially known (despite being built in 2002).
*Hole: From the Dublinese meaning a wasteland or hopeless place.


That…looks more like a needle!
I bet you can pop a balloon with the tip of that darn thing.
I do think it looks a bit cooler than the Sky Tree, so I give it 1.5 stars out of 5!

random OT Tokyo-Dublin conspiracy theory

The Dublin Pole looks like a device to stake Godzilla, so there may be a connection, perhaps there’s the same pole beneath the Tokyo Sky Needle frills, Tokyo having ordered the premium gig and Dublin the basic …


Just woooow, Awesome Looking …& Historical Image…Nature is Beauty…Beauty is nature.

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Actually, I believe the rationale was that the “Millennium Spire” was built to keep large balloons from crashing into the ground in and around Dublin. I’ve heard random theories suggesting that it might also be a “zeppelin spear” as well, for all those large airships flying over Ireland. :wink:


That’s the most horrible statue I’ve ever seen. What an eyesore.


Colombo Lotus Tower, Sri Lanka. :sri_lanka:


Shoddy workmanship - Nice cathedral but the main tower is clearly set at an angle - who on earth built this thing?” (One star).

Waste of time - Wasn’t what I expected. Tower barely leaning” (One star).

:it: :man_shrugging: :ok_hand:




Given the rough areas just beside where this needle is, many suggested it was a monument for those who like needles :joy:

Leprechauns have upped their game in terms of how they get around and it’s a real nuisance

Part of the problem people had with it is that it replaced the popular Anna Livia statue/fountain (affectionately known as the floozie in a jacuzzi, floozie meaning a woman of “low standards”

I have the solution for Ireland’s Spire - just make it lean a little further than the leaning tower of Pisa! It will be wonderful then and people can do the “I’m holding up the tower” pose! Genius


Loveeee this post!! Great examples :grin:


Interestingly, the Lotus Tower itself has no reviews at all but the nearby Lotus Tower Bus Stop has 5 stars. Therefore, by review logic, the bus stop is a better place to visit than the beautiful looking tower. Maybe a lesson there for those who won’t buy from New Sellers.


It would be cool if that giant needle was a sundial at least, or leaned to follow the path of the sun in the sky. Maybe it will gradually start to point to the north pole. It looks like it is hinged on the bottom.

The Sri Lanka tower is amazing.