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Got a negative review? You are in good company!

Maybe you don’t know that the tower is still not opened for general public whereas the bus stand was there for many years. We’ve a lesson on that point as well. isn’t it?

Even you’re the best, you don’t get anything if you’re not exposed to the world. Even the worst things get some chances by being exposed. :relieved:


Thanks @misscrystal. I love my country. :heart::sri_lanka:


@helloscoopz I love your country too for several reasons. I also like Ireland for different reasons.



I have a significant component of Irish ancestry which I’m proud of. It’s a large part of our population in the U.S. I know you see a lot of our obnoxious tourists there.


"Extremely disappointing. I recently went to the Memorial and Lincoln did not speak to me. Heck, he didn’t even get up to greet me at the entrance. He just sat there stone faced in silence. I even asked about his experiences in slaying vampires and no response. How rude!

Would not recommend unless you wanted to see a statue." — Nick B.

"Worst. Water. Park. Ever. You can’t even get in with a cocktail without being approached by the authorities! Not to mention it’s not even deep enough to dive into. Lame!" — Eric S.


Ah, that’s quite overblown I think. I’d take Americans here for a good time or blowing off steam than a lot of the natives here. Irish people just like to complain (he says, complaining about people who complain) and people being enthusiastic about why we would see as basic things is a complete shock to our systems.


I love the Seattle Space Needle for nostalgic reasons but then it’s not really a needle like the Dublin needle, it’s a useful needle (even with a restaurant!), so perhaps it’s even a competition for bus stops.

1* for the Space Needle for not delivering what the name on the Gig says, it’s not a needle, just look at the Dublin Needle which is a needle

1* for the Dublin Needle because it’s a Needle but names itself The Millenium Spire (while having been built in 2002), that’s some kind of bait’n’switch going on there

1* for the Lotus Tower because it’s useless if I may not enter it - Wha … What ya mean, if I didn’t enter it I may not leave a review!!!

5* for the bus stop! Best bus stop on Fiverr! Would use again and recommend to a friend!

1* for Tower of Pisa, the guys at the entrance didn’t let me enter again on the same ticket when I wanted in a few weeks after I bought my ticket and wanted to take some more pics

5* for the pizzaria next to it, after I had eaten my excellent Quattro Stagioni, I complained that it wasn’t what I had wanted, and they gave me a Calzone and a bottle of wine too, then, and I only had to threaten them a little bit

1* for this thread, it’s too much fun for a thread about negative reviews!



I love the Seattle Needle, and it actually has a purpose, and a view from the top.


Someone must have been a fan of The Jetsons.


I love those amazing places, but I’m perhaps one of the few people in the world that will admit not liking Les Miserables, the Broadway play and movie that everyone loves. I was bored out of my mind. LOL

With that said, there are negative reviews a seller deserves. Today I’m not so quick to click “deliver now,” instead I share my work in progress and ask for feedback. “If you like my work, I will click “deliver now.” If not, you can ask for a revision.”

It’s not review manipulation, so I think I’m OK doing this. I’ve noticed my buyers have been happier with me.


So that’s how you brought up your stats, very nice. A designer I used said to not use the revision button but instead to tell him what I want changed before he delivers.

While I get that, I think that seller is walking on very thin ice there. Don’t think Fiverr support will appreciate them telling customers to not use the revision button if they check the account/an order for whatever reason.


You’re probably right. I didn’t think about why he said that but I’ve been extremely happy with his service. We usually work together where I tell him what changes to make and he does it in minutes, waits for my reaction, and I can get immediate changes that way. Other buyers might not do it this way but it’s very effective.

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I agree, and I think it’s a good thing when clients handle it that way, and that it’s fine to suggest it, I just think it’s no good idea to specifically suggest to not use the revision button. Just wanted to point that out if anyone reading the thread considers doing that.

I suppose he might think that “official revision requests” affect the algorithm, or he just doesn’t like the ominous “we got news about your order” or whatever those mails currently say, which I can sympathise with.

Let’s get back to reviews and needles though quickly for the sake of being on topic …

I got a “bad review” recently, a 4.7 with a text that sounded as if the buyer was very happy, so it may have been that bug, he didn’t hit the right star number on the small phone screen or somethin, however, I just replied to the review, thanking him for leaving feedback and said I’m happy he was all-around happy with my service, as that was basically what the review said.


For a while I thought reviews couldn’t be left on the app any more so I’m wondering if that is again happening. It was so nice to have that bug gone. It would be good if we could simply ask if they left a review on the app. since there is no way to tell and most don’t notice if it comes out wrong.

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But the whole play is about selling on Fiverr - not saying we are all miserable(s)!
(Bold are my edits)


Five Stars
In your multitudes
Scarce to be counted
Filling the darkness
With orders and light

The Confrontation

In mercy’s name, three days are all I need
Then I’ll revise, I pledge my word
Then I’ll revise

Do you hear the people sing?

Do you hear them leave reviews?
Leaving reviews of angry men.

But yeah, worth remembering your feelings on Les Miserables, a classic, when someone rejects one of your classic deliveries. At least watching the play I am sure you could see that the acting was good, the high quality of the singing, the passion of the actors etc.
That’s why including your process with deliveries in your type of business is so important - they might not like the end result but they can at least see that you have worked on it and you communicate well. That can be enough to take a 1-star to a 3±star review or simply not to review at all.


okay this post just put a smile on my face and I really don’t let reviews get to me, I just learn from them and move on


Yup, I’m no longer “the factory,” now I’m more like a custom tailor that takes his time. It’s shocking how nice buyers become when they see you’re not pressuring them to accept work they don’t like.

Yes, a classic with a song where one guy says “red,” the other guy says “black,” then “red” again. The only song I liked was “Master of the House,” that one makes me laugh.

“Food beyond compare
Food beyond belief
Mix it in a mincer and pretend it’s beef
Kidney of a horse, liver of a cat
Filling up the sausages with this and that
Residents are more than welcome
Bridal suite is occupied
Reasonable charges
Plus, some little extras on the side!”

I wish the entire musical had been like that!


Wow! nice place and I love it.