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Got a peculiar buyer

I got a peculiar buyer 5 days ago. I got him from fiverr buyer request. He need a logo animation. I made an animation for him with some rrady after effect temlate . He said he is not satisfied. I asked him to raise the payment.But he was not interested.Then I made customized logo animation , but he need more realastic ! then I tried again and said its beautiful but he asked to add his website below thr logo. I added and delivered , he requested for revision again.Then I edited again and delivedred but he requested for revision again ! for 5 USD how a buyer can behave like this ? every time he need to add some spice on it. and today is the fifth day of the same work. so, I requested to cancel the order and he accepted it.

I see you have the dreaded “unlimited revisions” on your animations gig, which is asking for this kind of client.

Set a specific number of revisions. Define what “revisions” means either in your description or FAQs. Charge for changes that are outside your definition.

Don’t offer unlimited revisions.


Unfortunately if you are offering unlimited revisions you can not be upset that someone is using what you offered.

Next time just set a specific amount of revisions and if they want more you can charge more for each next revision. But as long as you are offering unlimited revisions you can’t really complain about that.


Because you offer unlimited revisions in a $5 gig. It’s a bit dishonest of you if you offer unlimited revisions but don’t want to provide them.


This is same with me. 3days ago I will get a mad buyer. Only 2 page I have typed and do it perfectly but he get a rivision. I will do correct it and send again and again same also 50 times I will give him rivision. But work is not done. It is great experience for me. I will waste my time 1 day only 5 dollar.

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But all of your gigs offer unlimited revisions! What do you expect? That’s like a restaurant offering unlimited soda refills and then getting mad when people help themselves to 20 refills! If you offer it, you must honour it, or stop offering it.


You can not satisfy everyone. Even if it seems to you that you did a great job it might happen that client just wanted something different from your style and imagined it in a different way.

And again if you don’t want to work on 50 revisions for 5$ then you should limit amount of revisions on your gig. No point of complaining when you are generously offering unlimited revisions.