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Got a TOS violation notice... Why?

Hey guys… a couple moments ago, I received a TOS violation notice which said I’m being unresponsive to buyers… what does this mean? This is the first time I’ve ever had a TOS notice…

I am level 2, 98% response rate, 100% delivered on time, and 100% Order Completion. 5 stars after 224 reviews.

I don’t understand where this came out from… and tbh it gets me nervous because… what If i continue getting more of these? It can mean permanent banning, right? having Fiverr be my main source of income this would be devastating for me.

Does anyone know what happened?


Maybe they mean unresponsive to present buyers who have orders open with you.

The response rate just refers to first-time inquiries, not messages from people who have orders open with you.


You can contact customer support to solve this issue.

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Hay bro i think u contact fiverr customer support very fast.

I would’ve thought the same but I have 0 unanswered questions from buyers with open orders. It’s really weird. I don’t really mind having ONE warning as I’m not expecting to level-up over the next 30 days, what I’m really afraid of is if this happens again in the future, when I’m close to leveling to Top Seller…

Did you block any past clients? Did you archive some of your messages?

Check spam messages and send an email to CS they will tell exactly why you got. There is always a well precise reason why.


You could tell support that you went through all recent conversations/inquiries and haven’t found any you haven’t responded to, and ask them to give you the names of anyone you seem to not have replied to, as, of course, you would want to reply, even if belatedly.

Different situation, no warning, just an inexplicable drop in my response rate once, but I asked, and they gave me some names, and I could track it back to 2 people I had in fact responded to on the app, while in a café - could even screenshot those, but apparently, the replies hadn’t registered on Fiverr’s side, and 1, from that same time frame, that had indeed somehow slipped through the cracks, as I hadn’t gotten a notification, beep, dot, or anything.

Just to say that, generally, they should be able to give you the names, although if the warning happened because someone who felt ignored by you complained, I guess they probably wouldn’t, because of their privacy policies.


When my response rate drops without reason I always contact CS. There have been several times when it was a glitch and nothing I did. However, there are times when you forget to check your in box and that is in you. CS has always fixed the problem right away if it’s a Fiverr error. Sometimes it comes from a spam message that has not been detected so it’s your responsibility to report all spam and do your part!

All these issue are important for you to be accepted as a TRS. There is no specific formula to become a TRS except you must have excellent and positive communications in all situations.