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Got a TOS violation warning for empty delivery.. Very disappointed

Hi all,

The experience is very disappointing. I received a TOS violation warning for delivering an empty deliverable or a partial delivery which I can’t dream of to do. Rather I would have extended the delivery time or cancel the order by discussing with the buyer. I understood that which is the order for this as it was sent for revision by the buyer. And the buyer has done the same thing earlier to me.

There is no match what the buyer originally asked me to do and what she is now asked me to do in the revision request. Both are different. I have completed the job and delivered what the buyer asked me originally. And then got that horrible warning of TOS violation. The difference between the original aim of the task and what the buyer now asks me to do.

The buyer has press the button for partial delivery/empty delivery intentionally or by without the knowledge what a horrible thing happens to the seller. And also know that this buyer has done the same a few months ago too. I have worked hard to get to this stage and this warning pushed me to do the ground again.



Your buyer says there are things missing from your delivery. Is that true? If that’s the case, you shouldn’t have used the deliver now button.

Only use that when you’re 100% done.


Not at all. The information which are not clear to get those should be avoided and noted in the sheet as per the instruction. So I have not fill them as per the instructions as I am not sure about them and noted . I was not sure of the information to put.

The buyers’ request to the job has changed completely in the revision request and added those MISSING information (according to her) as add on only…

You can see the difference what she originally asked for and what she has asked me to do in the revision request. I know it’s a long description to get it.

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I see what you’re saying. Your buyer didn’t follow the step by step instructions you gave him, and then proceeded to demand things not included in the work.

Well, you should talk to CS, although they might not be able to help. Usually I deliver a word document or pdf, so I’ve never been in trouble for an empty delivery. You could deliver a screenshot of the job you did.

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Yes, that’s true. CS will not help in this. However I have opened a ticket to clarify my position. I have send a spreadsheet along with delivery as I do not deliver without a prove. I let them know my side of thoughts and requested to check everything from order instruction to the delivered file.

My one of the concern is that this buyer has done the same in a previous order and I want Fiverr take notice of that. This buyer always do this whenever she/he needs a revision.

The fact that your buyer said the delivery was missing some parts is a trigger for Fiverr.

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No that’s not the case. Please check the above replies for this. Thanks

Once the order is finished, you’ll be able to block that buyer.


Yes, I will do it exactly. Thanks for your concern.


This empty delivery report system is made to be abused and I am, frankly, tired of having anxiety attacks every time a buyer claims they can’t find, access or open something I deliver.

So sorry for your experience.


I can see you delivery everything some time’s buyer asking for more extra service and they click for revision “partial delivery” This is serious issue on fiverr please send us screen shot of Cs hope they will solve your issue.

So sorry about that. I know such feeling. I wish you the very best in future endeavors. Don’t hesitate to put in your best always

Actually, the buyer sent a revision request which is different to the original order requirement. Yes, I will share them for sure. Thanks

Just when they claim they can’t see or find something? For me, it’s every order with a non-regular. Especially, non-native English speakers!


@ legendstudio, @lenasemenkova @cyaxrex Eventually, the buyer accepted that he/she may have missed to put the correct instructions and have pointed out only the specific ones. I have put forwarded everything to CS and the statement of the buyer has made my side strong.

So, very curious to know how Fiverr CS will react to this. Will they lift the TOS violation warning or will consider it as usual? However, I got the 1st reply from Fiverr within 3-4 hours. And shocked to see that they have not replied with an usual template. FINGERS CROSSED :slight_smile:

I delivered a double-sided design yesterday, in single .PSD file, in 2 folders (front and back). It’s more convenient for me to edit it this way. I explained how to access both folders, with a screenshot (it’s 1-2 clicks in Photoshop, you don’t need a degree to do it). Then got a revision request with: “btw, you’ve only sent me the front in .PSD” at the end.

I doubt she knows she’s putting my account in jeopardy by ignoring what I said and making statements like this, but still stress like this doesn’t help to build a good working relationship.

@rupa16 Please keep us updated and good luck. :slight_smile:


As your buyer conform that he didn’t provided you full information take screen shot and send it to Cs tell them that you delivery everything according to buyer current instruction and there is no fault from your side.

Have done it. Thanks. Now the ball is in Fiverr’s court. Let’s see.

It is bad when you can not agree with the buyer and you get hurt. And if you have already done so on several occasions maybe you are used to doing this kind of thing with other sellers as well.

Ohhhh I didn’t know this… sometimes I will update a customer by delivering a wire-frame or a draft so they can make amendments before I continue with the project. I didn’t know that I couldn’t click the deliver button, but sometimes the customer is happy with the first copy… so? Guess I am on a knifes edge here.