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Got a warning message for letting the buyer know that we cannot contact them outside fiverr


One of the buyer asked me for the zoom meeting so that he can walk me through his project for me to understand it well. I instantly said, we cannot contact them outside the fiverr system. Still I got the warning message that I might have violated the rules. Why is that? What did I do wrong?

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Don’t say things like “outside of Fiverr”. The system automatically assumes that you want to force the buyer to work outside of Fiverr.


Oh ok. I didn’t knew about that. Now what should I do? How do I let them know that I didn’t mean anything which could violate the TOS?

@donnovan86 is right. “ouside of Fiverr” triggered it.

I had the same experience. And got the message approved.


For next time I will be using different wording to explain the same.

You should hide the user name from your screenshot to protect their privacy. There is still user name in that message…

You do nothing.

Trust and Safety team will review and approve it imo. You did not violate ToS from what I can read in your screenshot.

How long it took for you to get the message approved?

A few minutes, hours, depending on how busy they are

I didn’t notice that. thanks :slight_smile: edited that now

alright! I will wait for their response.