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Got account restricted without any warning


I got my account restricted without any warning before 2 weeks

Is there any way I can solve this issue or this is the dead end for me. I really cannot figure it out why exactly this happens.
Any expert suggestion will be appreciated.


I would suggest you contact CS - they’re the only ones who can offer you any insight t as to why you’re restricted., and help you resolve your issue.


I have contacted CS and got this message

but could not understand what exactly it means. and there is still an option to upload the documents in my profile.


It means that they have doubts about the authenticity of your profile and whatever documents you submitted didn’t pass their inspection.


I submitted the copy of my passport and current photo… Isn’t a copy of passport verify an identity.


Apparently they didn’t find your documents to be suitable proof. I’m not staff and I don’t know why - I would be guessing. Perhaps they thought the docs were false or belonged to someone else. Perhaps the copies were low quality and you didn’t resubmit in a timely way. I don’t know.

It’s between you and Support now. Their message says that your account will not be reinstated, so… The forum can’t really help you.


@fonthaunt Do you suggest me to create new support ticket regarding this issue. As you are an expert and handled these sort of situation many times. What would be your best suggestion in my case.
Or is there any other way to submit the documents to trust and safety teams beside uploading from mobile.


Coz I clicked picture from mobile… this can be the reason


I don’t really have one. Once they tell you that your account won’t be reinstated I am not sure there is anything you can do. The only thing that is in your favor now is that your profile still shows up on Fiverr (without gigs) but that doesn’t mean a whole lot. Good luck.


Even I have no idea what to do in this case. lets hope if anyone can provide any solution for my issue. Is there is anyone from staff who can guide me here in forum.


Staff doesn’t help via the forum.


@fonthaunt have you faced or seen any similar cases like mine before.


They are all over the forum. Once staff tells you that your account won’t be reinstated, it probably won’t be. That’s my personal experience and I really can’t tell you anything else.