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Got accused of stealing my own art

I tried to set up a gig with my art. Got a message from Fiverr saying that the art was stolen and to remove. I am the original artist, the art is my own work. Anyone else had this issue? I told them to check both my deviantart accounts and my facebook for proof. I know there is a problem with art theft on Fiverr, and I have purchased art that ended up being very different than what was advertised but really how hard is it that they just outright accuse me instead of asking for supporting links?


Got same problem sometime back with profile picture…contact CS the issue was temporarily resolved but they later removed again…when i contact CS second time they are surprised that I am still experiencing the the problem…still now till can’t change my profile picture…It may be a bug.

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I contacted them and they OUTRIGHT accused me again, so I am leaving a nasty note for them and linking to my deviantart. If it doesn’t get fixed I’ll just move over to freelancer, I thought it was maybe automated but by the reply it’s definately a human making the judgement.

Does your artwork incorporate images or clipart from the internet? If so, that might be why Fiverr is making the copyright claims that they are making.

No, I used pose reference from a model that has royalty free photos of her modelling. She is aware of it when I painted this ( 4yrs ago) and I have her permission, but it’s a whole new picture and concept my own background and paint she was only referenced for the pose and outfit. So definitely not clipart or anything like that. I reverse googled it and only my deviantart comes up. So a bit confused why they would do this.

I don’t know what else to tell you. Fiverr appears to see something in your art that they don’t want on their site. You’re going to have to work this out with them. And, based upon your recent post, I strongly encourage you NOT to send a “a nasty note”. That’s not going to work in your favor. Be polite, no matter how frustrated you may feel.

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Does the painting involve a video game or comic book character? I mean, you may have painted it, but if it’s a Marvel, Nintendo, etc character, that may be the issue. Copyright and the like.

In fact, can I see the painting @bmbrgurl?

Nevermind, I found your Deviantart page BayanClaymore. It sucks that they are accusing you of stealing your own art. Maybe it’s because they think the artwork is too good?

I mean, it is gorgeous, and we also do not get a lot of fantastic artists here on Fiverr. Many great artists, and a lot of mediocre artists, but not too many fantastic artists.

I hope Fiverr stops being dicks to you. If not, you can always go to The U

Actually, if you want to start your own website and sell commission art from there, then consider using AndCo. Fiverr just acquired them and they are a free payment software that helps you to invoice clients and accept direct payments. That way you can still make money from your art, as well as start your own freelancing business! It’s a great way to diversify :slight_smile:

With artwork as good as yours, it should be a breeze!

Have you tried watermarks?

Thanks. It’s just frustrating lol. I have had my art stolen ALOT especially the fanart I do, Rogue been the most stolen and pirated. Hasn’t ended up on Aliexpress yet thank goodness but ppl sold prints and magnets on Amazon. So I get why they are careful but this character has no affiliation with anyone or anything, and has personal meaning so I think I took it more offensive lol. I just changed the pictures, but I am sure they will take issue with the new ones too.

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Her picture already has them (check out her DA. I will remove the art from the forum)

Yeah it’s watermarked with my deviantart ID ( txt).

Wow thanks! I will look into that!

Yeah, it sucks. My husband is a comic artist as well, although… in a more erotic genre. So I understand through him how awful it feels to have your artwork stolen, or being accused of many things related to art, such as art theft.

I hope everything works out for you :slight_smile: an artist as great as you should not be working for free.

Ya I just sent links in the note to my devart and my facebook which has a work in progress shot. But I did leave a note on my journal just to show it’s me :joy:

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That’s cool! Thanks so much for the help :grinning:

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You’re welcome! I am glad I could help

Unfortunately a lot of dA artists have had their work stolen many of which are being sold on merchandise. Funny how your work was flagged as being stolen yet others that are actually stolen remain untouched. Hopefully things will work out for you.

Also, in case you haven’t done so yet, look into sites that permit the creation of products using uploaded imagery to see if any of your work has surfaced there.

Yeah good idea. My friend Diana who does art and inking for comics and movie posters etc has had alot of her stuff stolen and end up on those sites as mugs, playstation stickers etc. Gets advertised on facebook, kills me to see how many people buy it when the artist has made not one cent. Fiverr should have an option to get verified by them, so buyers know what they are seeing is what they are getting without having to rely on reviews that it’s legit and without issues like this for artists.

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