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Got an Invitation to participate in a call with Fiverr ☎

Did anyone else receive this invite? :phone:

Wowzers! :astonished:

While surfing through my email inbox… I found this invitation. I’ll definitely set aside some time on my :date: schedule to have a one on one chat with a member of the Product Team. :sunglasses: It’s a GREAT opportunity to share my thoughts & stuff that’s bugging me and how certain features would make my Fiverr life better.:ok_hand:t4:

Here’s a screenie: :point_down:t4:


You are not alone. :wink:


The email invite was about a totally different thing tho. :laughing:

I’ll take a screenie in a second.


Looks as if they’re busy! :slightly_smiling_face:


OK, I uploaded the screenie.

LOLz, very busy! :sweat_smile:

A good thing I suppose. :grin:


Wow, It’s an invitaion. It’s a big thing that you got an Invitation to participate in a call with Fiverr.


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congrats :grinning::star_struck:

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That’s so cool! Don’t forget to let them know what we think of the great new feature called blind reviews! :poop: Voice of Nika can’t be ignored! :see_no_evil:


they are changing those back to the way they were before as I understand it.


I hope you give us a report.:writing_hand:


Nika, it looks like the person that created the letter loves emojis as much as you! :wink:


I didn’t get such messages, but dang, that sounds pretty exciting.
It’s good to know that Fiverr is willing to listen to sellers.

I mean…you ARE gonna participate in this, I assume?

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I woke up this moring thinking that the reason they are calling you, Nika, is because you have the “voice.” Hey, maybe they will use it in a promo or something. :grin:


Thank ya! :slightly_smiling_face:
Yes! It’s very exciting, I wish more companies would do this.

Thanx! :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe 'cause I’m a lioness :lion: and I roar. :stuck_out_tongue:

Jokes aside:
If you ladies and gents want to post questions and concerns, I’d be happy to relay the information. I don’t know if I’ll be able to express them all on this phone session. However, I’ll try my best. :sunglasses:

Sure thing! Maybe I should have a notepad to jot down stuff. :smiley:

LOLz, I added those emojis to spruce things up. The email was looking bland, so you know me I had to add my Emoji :crown: Queen personality. :partying_face:

Hey, Zeusssss. :star_struck:
Yes! I’m going to set up a call. Honestly, I like being hands-on. The ability to articulate verbally is a huge plus. :ok_hand:t4:

Aw, shucks! I’m totally blushing right now. :blush:
As for Fiverr using my voice for a promo. We gotta talk first tho!
If they wanna use my face and voice. :grin:

Side note: You always say the nicest & sweetest things to me. :hugs:


So when exactly is this phone call going to take place?
I’m sure a lot of people would want you to mention the blind review problem, but personally my thing with Fiverr is the cancellation rate going down even when it is not the seller’s fault.
If you can somehow squeeeeeeeeze that into the phone call that would be great, if you have enough time! :wink:

I wonder how Fiverr chose who to send this message to.
I’m not feeling left out or anything for not getting this, but I am curious. :thinking:

(Speaking of messages, I got the usual one-word message, but this time is was not
Hi or Hello, it was “He.”
I’m guessing it’s supposed to be “Hey” …?)


But when the cancellation rate goes down it means the seller is completing a higher percentage of orders than they previously did (based on the last 60 days) and having a lower percentage of cancellations, so the cancellation rate going down is a good thing and will help a seller stay on their level or advance to a higher level if the cancellation rate stays low enough (<=10%), assuming all the other stats are okay.

Happy Sunday, Zeus!

I just had a lovely brunch with friends and the dessert table was really tempting. :sweat_smile:

I caved. :grimacing:

I had a yummy banana nut muffin and croissant :croissant: with Nutella spread. :chocolate_bar:

Well, I sent them the dates and time that I’m avail. The one on one chats will be conducted starting this week. The cancellation is at the top of my list, especially the “order placed by mistake” peeps. So, I’ll talk about that first.:smile:

LOLz, this came to mind.:arrow_double_down:


He-Man :joy:

I’m a goofball! :grin:


@nikavoice congratulations emoji girl :slight_smile:

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That’s awesome. Let us know how it goes lol
Please tell them to bring back the Feedback Modification form!

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