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Got an order and now buyer says order placed by mistake!

I got an order without completing the details he now message that order was placed wrongly! He himself is a seller. I can understand that a new buyer can do it by mistake but how can a seller who is LEVEL 1 place order by mistake.

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its really can send him cancel request.

He can himself do it I will accept but matter is about loosing Level and Gig rank that too when I did nothing wrong.

He/she may be a competitor who did this for bad intentions, 95% case you will lose the ranking and delivery ratings but it’s best to bring it in CS information.


Make sure he’s not a competing seller… (Selling the same services as you). If he is, this may be a blatant attempt to hurt your business and you could report that to Fiverr CS.

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I saw his niche its different he makes videos. But has 2 gigs of what I do so he is possibly not a competitor.

His niche is different but he is a LEVEL 1 Seller! He has some gigs of design (my niche) only

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Gigs could be hidden or changed.

I think he was in sleeping mode😁