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Got an order but buyer is not responding

I got an order but the buyer is not responding. It is already 3 days going and order is still incomplete because buyer not provides any information to complete the order. In this situation what should I do?

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It will auto complete, you will get an email

be polite with person, same thing happened to me i contacted CS and they give me the option to extend the delivery time if i want too, in the end i did not have to as buyer responded and said sorry for the delay.
and after the first order he also placed second order with me as he was happy with the job.
So contact CS

I have mentioned order is still incomplete. That’s mean the order is not starting time countdown because buyer still not provide any information about his/her order start requirement.

Sit back and relax - if the timer hasn’t started you’re fine. The order won’t start until the buyer has submitted the info you need.

It’s started not much I can do now

The OP said:

so they should be alright until they get the necessary info.

If the timer’s started then it’s different I’m afraid.

get response soooooonnnn

Yes, I’m relaxing and waiting for required information to starting work and obviously timer also. :slight_smile:
Like this situation & buyer, I’m the first-time face in my 8 months fiverr journey.