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Got an order from the buyer whose order was canceled last time

I got my last canceled order from buyer request section. There was some ambiguity in the buyer request itself. The buyer directly placed the order from my sent offers without having any conversation. Eventually, it was canceled by mutual agreement.

A few days ago I got an order in the same way I mentioned above. When I go to start the job, I discovered that it was the same client and the job was pretty complicated to me. I got nervous, It seems that my order is going to cancel again. It would be more frustrating because two cancel from the same buyer.

But, this time I took this as a challenge and finally delivered the order successfully and I got a 5-star review with a tip.

It was really a mixed experience for me. Did you ever go through this kind of experience?

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no i did not.
but you did great job

Congratulations on your delivery, but there are a few things you may want to consider:

If something is not clear or you don’t have enough information to send a quote: Don’t bid!

When you reply to a buyer request you are actually sending them a custom order, so there’s no need for them to contact you prior ordering. So, once again, if they haven’t provided you enough information: Don’t bid!

If you’re not confident in your skills to deliver an order, then, yet once again: Don’t bid!

You may lose a few orders by doing that, but it may prevent you having to cancel orders or getting bad reviews.

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Thank you for your nice advice. But you know the maximum buyer requests are single line request and sometimes their requests are in wrongly categorized. Afterall, I learned a lot from these orders, I should not bid these kinds of requests.