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Got an order on first day!

I joined fiverr last to last night and posted gigs on web development, luckily, next morning when i woke up i has a message from a buyer. He has posted a request and asked me if I can make/improve the website for his business.

We negotiated a price and i started working on the project. I am a student and this was my first ever job offer :slightly_smiling_face: I was really excited, i coded all day and finally made a website for him by night.

He was impressed by my work and gave me 5β˜† review, a nice feedback and a tip too!

I consider myself very lucky that I got an order on the first day itself! It was a great experience for me.

Thank you fiverr!

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It’s a great news. congratulations.

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it’s really amazing!
keep it up :+1:

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