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Got an order two weeks ago!

I got an order last two week, but ever since then, no more order. I have been sending offers daily without success. Please what else can I do to get order and have order in queue? Thanks


Hi! have you tried social media promotion, joining Facbook groups, promoting your Fiverr gig there, being active on blogs related to your niche, commenting on blogs. Maybe making Facebook page to promote your gig. I made my first gig about logo design ( couple of months ago and so far I had 5 orders, all got five star reviews. It’s not much, I also need to do a lot of promotion to get more clicks and sales, I am trying to be active in promotion. So I think you should promote your gig on several places, social media, blogs, websites to draw more traffic to it.

Thanks for the info…I will try to do so

Just read carefully buyer requirement then through the real proved you can do this job perfectly just buyer can you understand that I hope you get sucess ASAP
God bless you

Thanks developer_sign…I will surely do that