Got another order and lost passion to complete the plugin task


This is for real?

You don’t want low rate but this is crazy.

I ask the seller if she can do this work for sure. the answer was “for sure”…
after two days I get massage:

“Hello, My Dear Client, I am so very SORRY to tell you I am unable to handle this plugin, I am SORRY for wasting your two days. I tried my best, but pro version has so many things that i am unable to find them in the libraries. Please hire someone else. Best Of Luck!”

I responded by asking if she wanted to make the simple version

Shy say yes, and then I get the massage:

Hello, I am finding it difficult too. Got another order and lost passion to complete the plugin task. Be careful with other sellers, most of them will do a copy paste thing. Best Of Luck!

lost passion to complete?!
Got another order?! my job Less important?
Be careful with other sellers?! how about be careful from you?

Whats going on with the sellers here? It’s not the first time I get so amateur work and contemptuous attitude!

If you can’t do the job don’t do it. Stop wasting costumers time


Oh my, I´m sorry for your experience. And sorry for sitting here laughing too, it´s just too funny to read, hope you can laugh a bit yourself about the absurdness of that situation if you reread your post at least, as sad as it is on the other hand. :slight_smile:
But, of course, something like that shouldn´t happen and I understand it´s annoying and nobody likes to have their time wasted.

There are a lot of sellers here though with a professional attitude and who´ll, of course, complete their jobs if they miscalculated the time needed to their disadvantage and may “have lost the passion” a bit ;), and who only offer services and accept only jobs they can actually do, guaranteed.

Maybe, if you try with another seller, try to talk more to them beforehand, to get a better idea of their skills, I mean not just “Can you do that?” but asking them some things to do with your job that may tell you if they actually know what they are doing or not. I get that´s not so easy though in case you hire someone because you aren´t knowledgeable in that field, though. I guess it takes a bit of experience with Fiverr, some good vetting and a bit of luck to find the right seller.

Hope your next experience will make up for this one and hope that you say “It´s not the first time” means as well that while you had something like this happen before, you had some better experiences as well.


Really feel sorry about your experience… when you order a gig its important to see the customer reviews as this kind of sellers can not satisfy there customers with there work and we can identify them from the past reviews.


I’m sorry you’ve had this experience with a seller - did you ask them why they behaved like this?

I’m sure there are many sellers here who don’t do that.

Better luck with your next order. :sunny:


I would have done exactly what she suggested and hired someone else.

I also would have complained about her to customer support.

I’m so sorry you had such a bad experience. There is no excuse for such unprofessional and downright inconsiderate, stupid behavior from a seller. I hope your next fiverr experience will be much more professional and satisfying. There are lots of amazing sellers on fiverr.


You can’t because if they fail to deliver they offer a refund and there won’t be a negative review.


yes some buyers will offer refund but not all… some will cancel and write negative review.


You can’t write a negative review when a refund is provided


You have not got what i mean it.

if the buyer will not satisfied with the work they have options to ask refund or cancel and and write negative review.

If refund is provided can’t write review is correct … but every body will not ask refund.

this order is made to the seller who is not professional and what i understood is he is completing orders by copy pasting … that we can understand from his waring about other sellers… and it is impossible for this kind of sellers to make they buyers satisfied from there work.

There for concentrating on past reviews is very important


There are a lot of sellers who are giving refunds to avoid a negative review and most buyers will accept it because they want their money back.

Reviews are important, but it won’t prove that you’re dealing with a great seller because you don’t know how many refunds they have given to keep their 5star rating.
OP will probably ask for a refund as well and the seller will avoid a negative review which means next buyer will hire them again.

This response shows that this is not the first time seller has cancelled an order. They probably get away with this all the time and they still have a high rating.
Reviews will help you identify low quality service, but it won’t help you much with time wasters like these.


The seller is honest enough to admit he can’t do the work, you should be happy. Sometimes sellers think they can do something only to discover they can’t, so they refund or decline the order.

If it takes them 2-days, it’s understandable, you didn’t pay for 1-day delivery, and they have other things to do.

Would you rather get a bad delivery and then fight for a refund?


Agree. At least the seller was honest enough to offer a refund rather than handing over a sub-standard product. It happens.


exactly. I can say that the seller has a high rating and you do not have a way to show potential customers the cancellations


Being honest is to say from the beginning that you are not able to perform the job. Or be honest and say I’m not sure but would love to have a few days to make sure if the customer is not pressed in time and can let you.

Not all the works here are jobs for fun. There are jobs that time may be crucial.
You have to understand that such behavior can cause a bad reputation for the whole system and that you will be harmed as an excellent service provider.
I can understand cancellations. It happens. But I opened a post when I note that this happens quite a bit … and it is impossible to understand cancellations that write “Got another order and lost passion to complete the plugin task”.

  1. Maybe following that I’m not going to provide my client (third part) time and create a bad name for myself?
  2. Maybe now I have to re-search, show a plan and explanations and the two days will become a week?


When I get a new order, I just thank the client for his order. I’m not going to read what he wrote and bother with him until I’m ready to do his order, and I’m sure I’m not the only one like this.

Your client waited two days to get started, and for whatever reason, decided this order wasn’t right for him, so you got your money back and he didn’t get a bad review, only a lower order completion rate.

You’re not a victim here, you got your money back, you can hire someone else. At least you didn’t have to lose 15 days or deal with endless revisions.


it’s true. I am agree with you. I am back on fiverr & will try my best.

  1. I disagree with your opinion but this is also not the case.
    I open order Requests. The seller contact me after she read my requests.
    Later on, I contact her and ask If she read all Requests, see examples etc’ and only then she sent *custom offer.

  2. “At least you didn’t have to lose 15 days or deal with endless revisions” - well, for you 15 day it’s exaggerated for others 4 days.

“You’re not a victim here” - you know what I’m thinking? when you on the side of the seller I can understand that you approve that you also cancel work all the time.

I have company 14 years. NEVER canceled a job. If I say to costumer that I will do it - I WILL DO IT.

Just so you understand, yes. I Hired someone else:

  1. I didn’t get back processing fee payments and pay twice, in the cancel order and the new order.
  2. I lost a total of 4 days
  3. I chose someone very expensive because of the time pressure remaining for the project
  4. I will never trust rank, reviews and all that bull**
  5. I’m sure I’ll think twice before I take service again on fiverr if the project is important.

You can continue to underestimate a day or two of a customer (It’s ironic when you chosen name as *fast copy writer), but this is safe route for losing costumers.


welcome back and good luck :slight_smile:


Ever heard of Allstate and Progressive? They’re a company. I need rideshare insurance to drive for Lyft, I call Progressive, my insurance carrier for over 10 years, they tell me to call Allstate.

I e-mail Allstate, they tell me to call Progressive. Ironically, the Internet told me Allstate provides rideshare insurance, but apparently, their agents haven’t been told or couldn’t bother to find out.

So don’t act like a freaking victim because you paid processing fee payments because you don’t sell on Fiverr and have no Fiverr balance to lose.

As for my name, it’s memorable, and it implies SPEED which clients appreciate. I have never lost a client for my name, and if I ever refund an order, it’s because I don’t want that client. Some clients are more trouble than they’re worth, some clients are worth NOTHING.