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Got any gig ideas?


What can you sell on Fiverr that isn’t on sale at this moment?


Fish. I’m pretty sure no one is selling fish, or fish-related services at the moment. :wink:


I need fact checkers and article writers.

I like using different writers because I like diversity in styles. Good blog/article writers are hard to find. Great ones are harder to find. I’ve overused the few good ones already on 5r.


I will dress up as an elf and record your video message :wink:


75% of sales on Fiverr are to small and medium businesses according to the CEO.
What do SMEs want?

I suggest that you don’t try reinvent the wheel but instead do something that is already being done or a variation but better than others, with more included and with excellent communication. That is what businesses want. People who will just do what they are asked and be easy to communicate with.


There was a guy who offered a gig to do nothing for $5. I think he made one sale but drifted away. There isn’t much competition in that area. Sells like hotcakes made of concrete. :slight_smile:

On a more serious note, I think there are always chances to happen onto a new idea and do well with it, but it’s just a lot harder now that Fiverr has been up for years. It never hurts to experiment with a crazy gig - I’ve tried several! One of mine did really well for a while and then it just sank for reasons I don’t know. I have no fresh ideas (like @jonbaas’ fish) but good luck anyway!


Pet rocks. Put a rock in a box and write a name on the box. It made someone a millionaire once.


That’s awesome, I can imagine gigs for fishermen, fishing businesses, fishing logos, fishing business plan, fishing guides, fishing tourist spots, fish ID, etc. Whether they succeed or not is a different story.


True, there was a guy who owned Pay My Bills dot com, and he got lots of donations. He paid off his bills and made some money.


sell something you’re good at! That’s it!


Not everyone knows what they’re good at. My #1 gig is something I never used to do, I got the gig idea from a book about Fiverr gigs.


I think in the fun category someone always can come up with a new idea.