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Got any tips for promoting gigs after getting a bad review?

Someone gave me a bad review, however, I’m not sure why. I made no mistakes in this person’s order, but they said I did. I am taking steps to have this looked into. Because of the circumstances, I feel this person may not be who they say they are. In the mean time, how do I continue to get orders with this bad review? I’m a Biography Writer and I love my job and the people I work with, so I definitely don’t want to give up on it. I do have way more good reviews than that one bad one, but I feel it has still affected my sells. Since this incidence, I have had a few sells but not near as much as I did before. How do I successfully promote my gig, even with a bad review on it? Thank you for your response!

Here’s my profile just for reference:!

You could offer the customer a refund, that way, the negative review would be taken down. Also, you need to improve your gigs in order to get more sales.

Hey April,

In my experience bad reviews aren’t the end of the world!

First of all, some customers will just be unhappy - no matter how good your service is! But that’s part of life. It’s how you respond that’s important!

…Here’s some tips to overcome a bad review and start selling again :slight_smile:

  1. Offer a complete refund:

Drop your customer a message and offer a complete refund. If they accept the refund, your bad review will be removed. Don’t let it auto-refund though as the review won’t be removed.

  1. Respond to their review publicly:

Fiverr gives you a chance to review the buyer. On this review, say you’re sorry to hear they weren’t satisfied. Then offer a refund and ask if there’s anything else you can do. Other potential buyers will see you’ve responded positively and that you’re willing to take steps to improve the customer’s experience.

  1. Offer another service:

PM the customer and ask if there’s anything else you can do to improve their experience. It could be a free extra, a revised service etc - whatever it takes to boost their review.

  1. Don’t be stubborn:

Giving a refund or a free extra isn’t ideal BUT it’s not worth sacrificing your business over. Every now and then, every business gets an unhappy customer. It’s part of the job! It’s how you respond that’s important.

  1. Boost your positive reviews:

For your next few orders at least, over-deliver and try to increase the number of positive reviews you have. This way your positive reviews will far outweigh the number of bad reviews.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Sometimes it’s easier and healthier to refund.
Once I worked for a document translation about 4 hours, it was perfect.
My client wanted a refund because it was not what google translate made him expect.
Tadadadam! So I just made this refund to avoid bad critics as I know there are many more buyers who will appreciate your work and will leave you a tip)

As far as I know, it’s impossible to offer a refund after the buyer marked your order as completed (which is essential in order for him to review your gig). Am I wrong?

Unfortunately, this person never gave me a chance to fix anything or offer a refund or other service. As soon as they got their biography, they marked it as Complete, and then gave me a bad review. It really makes no sense. I guess they just don’t understand how Fiverr works which really sucks for me. I’ll just keep trying to make this work and thank you all for your response and help! You’ve given me tips I can use the next time this happens, but I’m really hoping this doesn’t happen again.

Never tired of promoting on facebook, blog, twitter and other social media.

But do not promote in the forum, since you could have in your account permanently suspended

@aprilthompson I had a look at the review + your response. I really hope you can find a solution in one of the tips above. I can imagine how you feel since 1 bad review stands out when there are only 6.
Maybe … change the wording in your response to the review, from talking directly to the client, to talking in 3rd person: 'Unfortunately buyer did not want to send me further information with which I would have happily written a revision" - something like that…?

I believe you that you are indeed professional - adding a video to your gig will benefit u in 2 ways: 1) increase gig views, 2)A video is where you can presenting yourself professionally, and personally.

Hugs, May :slight_smile: