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Got covid-19 and was in ICU gig disappeared after 17th order cancellation

From beging of August i got covid-19 positive and admitted in hospital with serious condition and also was in ICU. I was in hospital for last 22 days and also almost all of clients cancelled their work because of my absence total cancelled work is 17th. And also oder completion rate, response , on time delivery rate dropped too. And suddenly my gig disappeared from first page and also lost fiverr choice title . I cant find the gig nowhere . World is suffering but why fiverr dont supporting the sellers???


Hi, I’m glad you are getting well! As to how fiverr works, in an emergency situation unfortunately there are no allowances made.


so sorry to hear that, glad you are fine though

Glad to hear that you’ve recovered.
Take care of yourself and stay safe.

Good to hear that you made full recovery! That’s enough good news. You can always build your Fiverr account back with time.
First, reach out to the clients that canceled their orders, explain the situation. I’m sure some of them will be happy to place the canceled orders back.
Secondly, reach out to Fiverr support with any proof of what happened to you. They might be sympathetic enough to help you reset your account stats.
However, the most important point is to take your recovery from COVID-19 as a major win! And continue basking in the euphoria, till you get your Fiverr account back in shape. Stay safe


@tisattia1 oh damn, sorry about that. I really hope you’re fine now. Goodluck building your page again.

I’m sorry to hear that.
But if you can contact your buyer and explain they will understand.

Also I believe that you have been in page 1 of search engine because of your quality of work.
Just keep building it and soon you will back to page 1 again.

I wish all the best for you :pray:

Alhamdulilah. Glad to know that you are well. I would say that recovring from COVID is more important than work. You will get your gigs back. It is just matter of time. Have patience.
Best wishes.:slight_smile: