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Got Custom Order Request and then Buyer Disappeared!

Hi Everyone!
A few days ago I got a custom order request from a buyer. We had some conversation and she told me she needs some time to gather the data and then i could start working. I agreed with her. But the problem is that the messages are disappeared from my fiverr inbox!! How could it be happened. Eventually I managed to remember her username on fiverr, I searched with the name but no Results show for the name!! :upside_down_face:
My Question is why is this happening? Is there any possibility that she could disable her fiverr account or logged out??

I wanna hear from the experts out there…
Thanks In Advance!


She was scammer. Fiverr deleted her to protect you.


Her account was either deleted, or the messages we spam, no worries. Keep working. Have a great fiverr life.

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Messages don’t just disappear from fiverr. Even if the person is blocked you still will have a message inbox with her.
You also can’t search for buyers account on fiverr, you can find only people with sellers account.
Check all your folders if you’ll see messages there in archive, spam etc


Thanks. It worked. I found her messages in the spam Folder. And there i Discovered fiverr marked that As Spam. And Also says I have blocked her!! which I didn’t commit! Now My Question is that should i unblock and message her or that will be a stupid Idea??

Messages of buyers do disappear. I had a client who was a scammer and when I reported her, her messages disappeared and she was blocked by Fiverr.

Please read again what wrote :point_down:

Inbox where it says that person is blocked. :woman_shrugging:

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