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Got demoted, but support won’t give me a reason

I was demoted from level 2 to level 1, and the reason given was for violating the ToS. Since I was not sure what part of the ToS I violated, I had sent a ticket requesting an explanation, but all I received back was a robotic reply about how to check one’s account status (completely off-topic and unrelated to the issue I messaged them about).

I have come here because I do not believe Fiverr support will ever get back to my ticket with a human reply, and my hope is that this post will get me the help I am looking for from Fiverr.


Check your mails, you should definitely have one which states the TOS warning.

All forum users are sellers and buyers.

Only Fiverr Support can tell you what your violation was. If you don’t have an email from Fiverr about it (which you should), you need to talk to them again.

Yes, they send an email when you are demoted. You will see the reason there.

Or paste it here and we will tell you.

Just says that it violates terms but doesn’t say which part. I sent ticket asking exactly what part was in violation and only received irrelevant robotic replies.

Send a screenshot, I had got a warning once starting that my account was flagged for using the delivery button to send incomplete order, did you get something like that?

This warning got me demoted. And the gig has been active and unchanged for more than ten months, so I don’t know why it was suddenly deemed a violation, and they won’t respond with any helpful information.

It is probably because of certain words you used in your gig that are not allowed on fiverr, you should read the TOS to see what is allowed.

Medical-related services

We do not allow services that are meant to provide any medical treatment, advice, or supply.

Based on the screenshot it may have something to do with the above which is from the Community Standards.

Check this out: Don’t do it! … You Have Been Warned! if you got a warning.

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I’ve been through the Terms with a fine-tooth comb several times, and I can’t pinpoint anything exactly which is why I have come here for help. I, like many others, offer similar services with careful wording that avoids medical-related services like “healing,” “curing,” and other such terms. I have many other similar gigs that were not warned or removed.

Depression is defined as a medical condition.

Such gigs may be removed at any time.

Suggest you read the article I gave you which explains how warnings can risk your account.

Will leave this with you.

Thank you. I know that warnings affect account and level, and I do not mind if it was removed for such a reason. But I do need to know what I did wrong exactly so that I could avoid making the same mistake again.

As for the depression keyword, as long as the gig does not promise to treat or cure medical conditions, you are allowed to post gigs related to “relieving” or “helping to cope” with such conditions. Even if you just search depression in the Fiverr gig search, you’ll find a dozen gigs with similar wordings.

Again, I do not mind if this was the reason for the warning, but from what I can see, I did not promise something against the terms of service, and I just want to know 100% that that is the reason.

Thanks for at least replying to me Lloyd as you have at least given me something to go off of. I’d like to leave thread open in case someone from Fiverr actually sees me and is willing to help elucidate the matter.