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Got express status!


Maybe it’s just me but I got my express status within 2 orders.

I feel so happy.



The SECRET to getting that awesome express tag, is getting that first order done within 24 hours and positive feedback! I have a a buyer who ALWAYS orders my gigs and every time i made an express gig, he ordered within 24 hours of the gig being up and then i delivered it to him within that same 24 hours as well! After he left positive feedback i got the EXPRESS tag! Hope this helps <3


Thanks Bruce! I try my best to make my customer happy (even though you weren’t supposed to be my customer)


Good for you! :slight_smile:


Thanks, I’m really happy.


Keep it up bro.

rover10 said: eep it up bro.

Thanks : )


@bigbadbilly If your first order or multiple orders after the first deliver in 24 hours or less you get express!


You delivered mine in less than 24 hours, so I am happy for you.



I’m still wondering how the express works. I can’t find it to add to my gigs, and I’ve delivered in under 24 hours (Usually in 12) for over a year now… and it’s never showed up. No big deal, just always a mystery to me. (And I’m never late LOL)


I changed my delivery time from 2 days to 1 day and delivered before 24 hours time, I got express delivery status


Deliver in less than 24 hrs to get the Express Tag


Hey guys.

That’s why it’s a mystery. For a year I’ve had 24 hour delivery, and never been late and never got the ‘Express’ status.

Oh well. It ‘Says’ 24 hours on my gig. LOL




Awesome! using business card gig ! :smiley:


Reply to @caiterz: Thanks :slight_smile:


Yep like everyone has stated. Just get your first order done in under 24 hours and with your delivery time set to 1 day and you will get it :slight_smile:


Congratulations :smiley:


Reply to @momenly: Thanks! I think I was over-excited, it’s not a big deal.


Thanks OBG :slight_smile: