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Got fed up when I didn't get a single order since July


Hello, I need advise and suggestion to way out, I’ve been working hard on fiverr for a very long time, I created my account in July 2018, but got fed up when there is no single order, I don’t know where I go wrong, I tried all the tips but still in vain. All my impressions, views and clicks go down, I want way out of this failure. I will appreciate any suggestions


I can definitely understand your frustration. I was in the same boat. The best thing one can do is to revise the image to attract potential customers. I always find that clean, modern and professional images often attract customers. Even using your own image of yourself I am finding as a trusted way to gain some clicks.

Also, the description you provide for your gig is important. The tone of your description is key as well as making sure it is clear and easy to understand.

The last thing is to reword your gig title as to attract folks based upon what they type or how they type on the Fiverr search.

I hope these tips are helpful. Don’t give up and pay attention to how you are ranking anytime you make these changes.


I appreciate this, I will definitely do something about that. Thanks so much dear


I checked your gigs and profile. And they are all fine.

However you are offering a gig which already thousands of other sellers are offering. So potential customers might think “why place an order on a 0 review gig when there is a 1k+ reviewed one?”. I mean no one wants to be the “test” person.

I typed business card on the search field and got 13950 gigs !! How am I going to find your gig even?

You can do 3 things

  1. Invite a buddy or invite a customer to fiverr
  2. Make a strong video where you stand out of the mass. Explain “Why you” . Show your 5 years of experience. Maybe stand in front of the camera by yourself and give a short talk on your gig service?
    A video where you personally will make you stand out from the mass + customers will build trust with you. And trust is what you need right now. (Because of the 0 reviews)
  3. Offer a business card design with a specific theme? Bring some innovation in. Say for example I’ll design a QR Code business card

When I typed it only 58 designers offered it. See how your chances increase to be discovered? When you type a genereic title like “I will design professional business card” you are competing with 13950 others.

But when you type QR Code business Card you are only competing against 59. And I would say you got better chances with 59 ;D

Hope this helps. Good luck

p.s: I am a graphics designer myself and an animator too. And I had the same issue like you. What I did then was to focus on one point. Since I like playing video games I offered gigs to animate “2D game characters” and at the time I was offering that there were only a few. Now I get orders every day…


I think you should remove the images from your message before it’s flagged or hide the usernames of the sellers in the images.


Thank for this suggestion, I think this would help me a lot. Thanks very much


Thanks, I will try this also…


Even i didn’t get any order but be patience…keep on…


Learning can help you, achieve your goals. You need to research on the web as well as on Fiverr to found how sellers are converting visitors to their clients!

But as a newbie, I assume that you haven’t any reviews! And without any review, it is more difficult to decide for the buyer that you are good in your service or not!

Now, this is where my suggestion comes to play. You strongly need to follow some rules to attract a buyer and make him your client.

First, Despite I assume that you are a novice, You need to present yourself like professional in your Gig. This will drive mindset to the buyer that you have good knowledge about what you are providing. And also, this will strengthen the decision of a buyer to purchase your Gig.

Second, you have presented yourself to your buyer like professional, now its time to give some evident’s of your work!!!

In this part, you need to add some of your work samples to give the buyer a basic image of work quality. For this regard, you can add you’re great samples in gig image, video and in the description as a link. This will give confidence to the buyer for purchasing your Gig.

Third, now that we have covered some really helpful points, its time to give your attention outside to your gig ie. Competition, focus keyword, title, description and faq.

In this part, you need to focus on how sellers made their gigs (however, don’t copy their gig description, images etc.), how they sell their services, how they talk to the buyer to make her client etc.

You need to create a description, that is simple but effective, provide full info about your gig but concise. You need to be honest and professional in the description.

Plus add images and videos in your gig that is unique and add great value to strengthen the decision of buyer. Create faq for your gig that covers every frequently asked question.

Then, you need to decide your gig title, create a short, appealing, compelling and unique title with proper keyword research about what you are providing.

Don’t forget to use those terms that are highly relevant to your gig in both title and description.

Four, Now that you have presented yourself like a professional, created your gig with your work evidence, its time to play with a budget of your buyer.

However, newly created gig without any reviews, you need to a little bit low down your gig prices comparing to another popular gig on the same field. This will give another reason to the buyer to purchase your gig.

So give trust to your buyer that you are great at what you do. And strengthen the decision of buyer to make him client by above points which I mentioned!!

Hope this will work for you!:slight_smile::+1::+1:


So many wonderful suggestions here.


@saleh_shaams If you want help you need to create your own topic under the category Improve My Gig.


Use your own photo, or something awesome you have designed from scratch, as your profile picture. Using a photo of someone else makes you seem dishonest. If buyers have to choose between someone with a fake profile picture, and someone who seems more honest, what do you think, what will be their choice?

EDIT: I’ve also checked one of your gig images. You promise unique designs, but the image is of a template made by a person from another country.

So: use your own profile picture, and only use images that you have designed from scratch. Otherwise, you not only make potential buyers think that you will sell them stolen goods, you could also get yourself banned before you make any sales.


I really appreciate all these wonderful suggestions, you people really impress me and encourage me more on consistency. I pray to post my testimony soon, I thank you all…


we believe in you because we have all been there too


Follow gigs in your level, not top class level gigs like as 500 or 1k reviews in your niche. Research gigs that are completed 5 - 10 order, I mean reviews. Then optimize your gig all things like their gigs. This is my tips and maybe others you have known.


Be sure to keep in mind what catwriter has told you:


Right now you are using Aurélia Durand’s image, and I am sure that is not you.
Buyers can spot dishonest sellers pretty quickly. If you indeed have the right skills to
offer designs here, be sure to use your own images AND a photo of yourself.

You shouldn’t be fed up with people not ordering your gig when you clearly are not being honest. Honesty and professionalism is the key to success in any business.


Thanks for that bitter truth… I cherished your frank style… Thanks a lot


Not really… Not all of us were using a photo of someone else as our profile picture, nor were we all using templates created by someone else while offering unique design.

Some of us (hopefully most of us) were honest from the very beginning.


Since I am being frank, might as well be frank all the way.
The sample images you are using still has watermarks on them, and they do not
belong to you. @catwriter has clearly pointed that out.
If you really looking to get work here, I hope you take my advice seriously.
There is a clear reason why certain sellers don’t get sales while others do.


Well, I actually accept that sample images are not belong to me but not all of them I designed many of them myself and I think many sellers do not clean concerning that, not drag it much, I have appreciated those who suggest some working way out for me. I believe I’ll it will work for me positively as it has worked for others. Thank you and God Bless you all