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Got First Order After Sending Four Requests

I created my account one month ago. After sending 4 buyer requests I have received my first order. I am still looking for more tips and smart strategies to increase this level. Because I am new to this platform.

You are requested to suggest any tips and working strategies that can help to achieve my goals.



Congratulations bro…


Thank You! @fahim_badhon

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Congratulations, best of luck…:slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s a good news. Lots of seller can not get any order and send lots of buyer request. That time you are lucky. Congratulations brother.

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Thanks! @soniabristy

I am grateful for kind words. Exactly, I have listened from many fellows that it takes too much time to get first order.
Would you mind to letting me know how to increase gigs impressions and clicks

Keep sharing your work on different platforms like fb and linkedin.

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best of luck for future

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Thank you for your good wishes. :innocent:

I have shared on WhatsApp where I have large community. But It only shows 3 clicks, rather many peoples clicked and viewed my service.

Thank you @sehrishirfan

Congratulation go ahead best of luck

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Wow, Congratulation man! keep doing your work…

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God is yours, Thank you.

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Thank you! @probalcb

GOD is for All.

Thank you! @evan018
I am on the way for quality work.