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Got first order and facing problems


i got my first order and i deliver it to buyer timely but buyer have some requirments and i deliver it 2nd and 3rd times but buyer want more changes and i tell him what i faces in buyer design but buyer is not reply me even buyer do not cancel the order and the order is hanging please advise me what can i do now?


You keep it with delivery if buyer does not request modification then the order will be completed automatically after 3 days. Thank you!


thank you @ sozib813384


do i get the price in my account automactully?


Suggest you read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works. Everything is explained there.


ok thank you @ lloydsolutions



You just need to wait 3 days for automatic order completion.


i got the job 25NOV and its show now in revision on my gig order


What was your order delivery time?


24 hours and i deliver it before 24 hours@ smfrajobs


Yes you will get price . But remember don’t fight with buyer.


no no,i respect my clients and clients satisfaction is my i communicate them nicely.
thank you for your advise@ farhan_j


i just want to know when i get the price.i mean is it a fixed time?


if you offer unlimited revisions request then buyer has unlimited revisions available :slight_smile:
if the order is still ticking on your queue then won’t be marked as complete. have to redeliver again.


I thing your order complete time 3 days,( you can check in order page).if buyer do not give review fiverr will wait another 2 days. then you will get price.But remember you should deliver correction on time,

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yea i offer him unlimited revisions and i deliver it 3rd times and buyer want more changes and i inform him whats prlm i am facing but buyer don’t reply me ,don’t knock me me


Don’t ask him anything just do as per his requirement and send with description


As long as you offer unlimited revisions, you are likely to have more orders with problems. You can try to get the order completed by refusing to do more, but it’s possible that Support will cancel it.


You just wait after 3 days.And continue polite behavior with buyer