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Got First Review after 1.5 year

I am a member of fiverr Since june 2019. I completed 2 Orders before but not get a review. Yesterday i got an order and got my first 5 Star review after a hard srtuggle.
Its my Advise to other newbies don’t loss hope, work hard and you will be rewarded one day.


only determination and dedication can make you a good freelancer



But 1.5 years seems to be too long for first review. Maybe you were not active on the period.
Keep going.

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Congratulations! I hope I get my first gig soon too.

Congratulations :heart: Go ahead…

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No i am active and try to improve my gigs and using all tips to get orders :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, definitely you will get soon

hi, congratulations. Try to keep online more time now and share your gig on social media. I think its help you to got another order soon.

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congratulations. Try to stay online all the time and share your gig on social media. Hopefully something beautiful is waiting for you in the future. Thanks