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Got first warning

i got a warning from fiverr to break TOS… i havent done any work yet…can i create new account? or should i go with current account? is there any problem if i continue with this account?


Read the Fiverr ToS to start with.

You CAN’T OPEN ANOTHER ACCOUNT as that is a Fiverr ToS violation.

What was the warning for?

Fiverr would have explained it in an email message.


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Why did you get warning??? fiverr has explanation.

This sentence for 60 days. Now, it is totally up to you to create a new one or go with this one!

Typically I don’t get into the boring, “bad advice” threads.

  1. Because it’s physically impossible to restructure the ill parenting that produces the type of people who don’t research when materials are readily available…


  1. Because our entire world has seemingly evolved into a place that advocates everyone’s “having” a voice as immediate grounds to “follow”
    any voice capable of speaking.

With that said, this is flagrantly stupid and everyone in this thread, with the exception of @looseink and the person suggesting clarification, should be banned from posting in this forum.

You were explicitly told, from someone who researched the TOS, that opening a secondary account is against the rules. You didn’t bother to read that warning, just as you didn’t read the rules initially. What would make you imagine that fiverr would encourage you to not only violate rules on one account, but then allow you to have a variety of them?

None of you are doing anyone a favor by being a voice here. Wise is the person asking questions. Seek far more answers, read far more fiverr blogs, forum threads and utilize direct questions. Stop feeling the urge to contribute before acquiring the skills to make a contribution. Then, get into the water slowly.

Not everyone is going to be the wise sage. In fact, most of us aren’t. It’s not a thread requirement to distribute answers. That’s precisely what customer service, fiverr official materials and TOS is for.


Why do you think that ? Have you checked the TOS ?


Why are you spreading misinformation?

For starters, I got a warning due to one customer going to customer support and requesting the deletion of his feedback. That happened on February 10, 2021 and I still have the warning, there are more than 60 days here.

Also, creating a new account? The entire purpose of banning someone or sharing a warning is to stop them from breaking the system. Why would you believe Fiverr allows people to create new accounts whenever they break the rules… because they don’t!

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In addition to what has been advised by those who know what they are talking about:

Your account is now at risk!

Check this out: Don’t do it! … You Have Been Warned! if you want to protect your account.

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Warnings are permanent and remain on your record unless any of them was given by mistake.

The 60-day period is just for evaluation purposes (promotion/demotion), although the Analytics page says 30 days.


You can’t open a new account, Fiverr will get you, and permanently ban if you even try. You should read well the warning, and try to figure out what you did wrong, is good time to avoid that mistakes, is important that you get the motive, if not, you are at high risk. That warnings are permanent.

Why you need to create a new account. My opinion is don’t do that.But be careful next time don’t do anything to break TOS. Read fiverr TOS for know what is allow or what is not allow.

Depending on the warning, they do get removed.

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I haven’t found anything in Fiverr’s TOS or Help Center saying warnings do get removed.

So, unless given by mistake, warnings stay on your Fiverr record.

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They don’t get removed, at least not manually. But I did have a warning many years ago, received randomly, and it went away in a few months.

There was also another dude here that had a similar issue early 2020 and he said his warning disappeared in 3 months.

I assume simple, non-repeat warnings disappear eventually.


My understanding of it, going by a friend’s chat with CS, is that the phrase “active warning” refers to a warning that’s currently affecting your ranking, ability to level up, ability to use the site properly, etc. After a certain amount of time passes, the warning is no longer considered active, and no longer damages your account, but remains visible to Fiverr. It can be a factor in Fiverr’s decision to ban a person.


Maybe, who knows.

It might also be that a warning is active for a certain amount of time, then it becomes inactive because it was a minor violation.

What matters is to follow the rules, so we don’t find out more :slight_smile:

As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. :slightly_smiling_face:

OP, in this thread, a lot of people have mentioned the TOS (rules of the site). Here’s the link, just in case you’ve had trouble finding it. If you look through old posts on this forum, you’ll find that some great sellers have bounced back from a warning or a bad start. None did it without internalising the rules of the site, though.


I have seen here someone told that warning is for 60 days. Anyway thanks for sharing the information!