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Got handpicked by Fiverr’s Editorial Team!


My gig got handpicked for rising talent badge, I’m so excited to see if it will help generate new orders. I was just curious if anyone knows for how long usually rising talent badge last as it’s just temporary?


I don’t know if it is temporary or not, but can you please explain how did it get handpicked?
Did you do anything or was it unexpected?

EDIT:: @pwaperpro Congratulations!! Best wishes.


That’s wonderful. Congratulations! Enjoy the extra exposure in Fiverr’s marketplace. :slight_smile:

Yes. It is temporary.

“The Rising Talent badge is temporary; once a Gig has received a certain extent of exposure, it will no longer have a Rising Talent badge.” (source:

Fiverr’s editorial team is always on the lookout for talented new-comers and scout the marketplace for such sellers every once in a while. Once they find someone that qualifies for a rising talent badge, they temporarily accord the seller with the badge. It is an automated process. It is not possible for new sellers to fill in an application for being considered for the badge.


Thank you so much for the answer :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you both. Hanshuber16 explained everything so there isn’t such more to say. I will see how mouch traffic this gets my way and if any orders and post screenshots tomorrow if anyone is interested to see how much traffic it actually generate being handpicked by editors team as from what i have seen that section is only visible on homepage when looking at PC, and not visible on phone.