Got Huge tip - almost on every order :)


Got Huge tip - almost on every order = around $500 to $1000-

is that means - My service quality is outstanding?

But I’m not getting any benefit by fiverr - even they are taking 20% to my tip also :sob:

Here is my gig -


Excellent but something better than nothing


Wait, are you getting $500 / 1K tips on orders that have prices lower than the tip itself? Or are the tips lower than the order price?

This is interesting, never seen or heard of tips that huge before…


Might smell to a paypal charge-back. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well done! I must admit I didn’t think a tip could be greater than the order value, but you’ve done really well from them! :slight_smile:


From the Help section:

How much can a buyer tip?

The minimum amount is $5.
For orders below $25, the tip can be up to $25.
For orders above $25, the tip can be up to 100% of the price of the order.
Note: These limitations are in place to prevent fraud.


She probably means 5 to $10 she has been tipped?


You’re right, that could be it! And if she got tipped on 100 orders, it would be $500 to $1,000. :slight_smile:


There’s something not right here. Let’s take the $1,000 tip. Seeing that her gigs don’t go beyond $200, she either has really expensive Extras/addons, or she got a multiple order for a single gig, because based on what @catwriter said, a tip will be up to 100% of the order price, hence the order price for a $1K tip is at least $1K itself.

She did say a tip of 500/1K on “almost on every order”… so that should be 500/1K per order?

I need some sales, my math’s getting all rusty.



I would think so as well.


No - you misunderstood - total tip 1k to recent 30 - 35 orders - Most of the time buyers do buy my gig premium package. :slight_smile:


It means you can increase your prices.


I think, My gig prices is already high as buyers can afford that easily = 195$ Premium package :smile:


Don’t underestimate your talent or skills - if people buy your premium packages, and they also leave big tips, I would consider increasing my prices because obviously your gigs provide a really good value to your buyers :wink:


thanks for great suggestion :blush: I do work as a part time basis only at fiverr :smile:


Lol - I got few seller message at my fiverr inbox - They are asking about secret of getting tip :wink: There is no any secret - Just Deliver High standard job - proper communicate with your buyers and follow the deadline :slight_smile:

Also found - Few users are doubting about this - few sells

Screenshot for that guys-


I thought this was great suggestion - :sweat: I edited my gig for increase my price then my gig had gone hide from search and gig search position was changed - Impression, views, clicks gone down :sob: Now I’m not getting any single order :cry:

what a bad idea ****


Have you given it enough time to see how it works out? Because it is the summer holiday season, there will be low sales in these periods, you can’t blame it on the price right away without testing the new prices for at least 1-2 weeks.


Is not about prices. Fiverr has made some changes before two days (until today) and these updated sometimes affect sales for almost all gigs. Give it some time as @Woofy31 has recommended. :slight_smile: