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Got in trouble, need professionals’ advice

Hey everyone! I’ve registered on Fiverr just a couple of days ago, and so happened that two hours ago my response rate simply died. And only then I’ve noticed one unanswered message with sent offer from a buyer . My response time raised from 0 hours to 1 day too, of course.

Honestly I’m kinda shocked and I would really appreciate all the advice, tips and guides for solving the problem.

Thank you!

P.s. If you’re interested in ordering semi realistic or cartoonish quality digital portrait, you can check out the link in my profile.

Mod edit: removed the part where you asked fellow members to help you game the system for your benefit.


One day response, is not bad at all. I have seen toprated sellers with 2 days response rates.

You could send offers to buyer requests you could do well. In the offer you could let them know they can contact you for a sample or if they have questions or something. If they contact you you can then respond quickly, so probably shortening the avg response time.

Oh thank you, you’ve calmed me down!

Thanks for useful information!!

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