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Got Inbox From Buyers But Cannot See The Messages


I have experienced this situation lately. Sometimes I got notification that I had a message but when I opened it nothing’s there. I wrote back to the person telling that I could not see and asked them to write me again. I could see he/she was writing and then Notification again but still Nothing!

Does this happen to anyone? I checked my email but there was no mail from Fiverr and that’s weird because I can send that one a message Which means he/she had contacted me first.

Don’t really know what to do, Please help!


Reply to @david388: Oh great@ haha :slight_smile: I just deleted the conversation because I think it’s some kind of spam. silly me!


Sometime your message Spam. But not sure. You can contact Fiverr support for more…


Reply to @rocks_design: I did. I just received 3 notifications from this one and cannot see a single word. This is so frustrated :frowning:


Hi @giangpiepie, when this has happened with me, it’s because the Buyer has used one of the “illegal” words here - like email, skype, etc.

When I accidentally type one of those words, the inbox window turns red, and I delete it and write something different. But for Buyers who don’t adjust what they’ve typed and go ahead and send the message anyway, this seems to be what happens - you can see they’ve sent something, but you don’t receive it.

Generally the message goes through once it’s been checked by Fiverr (if it IS approved to be sent), and you’ll receive it 8 hours later or something.