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Got into a trouble!

I have completed an order of one of my clients who doesn’t communicate in good English, hence leaving me in a state of confusion. He has asked me for two copies of the same version of logo with one black and one while, and he wants its .pngs. I delivere both the versions in a winrar folder with all the needed file formats for web but my client complaining I haven’t found the .png for white one and now asking me for money refund with 5 dollars extra. I want to know is there a way to prove to the support that I have provided what I was asked for?


Why not just delivering everything separate? Not in rar or zip. He maybe doesn’t know what is rar file (or zip)


As arty suggest, you can send the original logo png file directly. Not in a zip or rar file.


I have also tried that freaing he might have been confused, but I had already delived him in winrar 3 months back he had confusion at that time but a day later said “I found the files” even I have sent to him seperate .png files yet he is complaining. I can upload both he files here for people and support to judge if I am wrong.

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Always upload files separately when delivering. That way you have proof of delivering. Support will not open rar or zip files to check it you delivered or not


You are being scammed.

If three months have passed, your buyer has likely just tried but failed to reverse payment with their bank.

Go back to your original order. Screenshot the conversation where your buyer says they found the file. Download the files you sent. Resend these as an attachment to a message along with a your screenshot. Advise your buyer that they have all their files and you have proof that you delivered all files previously. Then advise them that you are referring this matter to CS.

Now stop all communication. Go to the buyers profile page and click the block button.

Now continue living your life. :slight_smile:


Ok. But as I have often read here on forum support doesn’t listen to seller’s requests and just cancel the order on buyer’s request.

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My experience with support in this situation is this:

  1. I make sure I send screenshots of what I sent the client

  2. I tell them I do not want to refund the buyer and let them know it is an attempt to get something free

  3. They are on my side.

This buyer wanted you to send them $5 extra! That’s a new type of addition to the scam. Amazing. Send screenshot of them saying that to customer support.


Good suggestion! Well first of all I would try to solve his problem if there is really a problem, still if he is doing this to dope money from me and extra five as a blackmailing then ofcourse I will launch a complain with the support and lets see what happens. Today I have asked him to come online and right then I will send him all the files he needs seperately. This is a good suggestion I have got here to send the files saperately because there might be some client who are not familiar with winrar etc or might fear that its some kind of hack thing. Thank you all for the help nd suggestions.

You are making this hard on yourself. You don;t need your buyer to come online. You can send your files separately as messages whether your buyer is online or not. The sooner you do this the better. You also need to provide proof that you did originally deliver the files in question. (At least to Fiverr.)

No one has a legitimate reason to ever ask a seller to send them any amount of cash. The longer you let this draw out, you risk incriminating yourself. Please also note that I know of 2 x sellers on this forum who have sent buyers refunds out of their own pocket this year. Both were issued warnings for breaching TOS.

Wrap this up quickly or you will most likely regret not doing so.


Never send your own money or exchange any personal details over Fiverr. Just make sure they have the files they need and then if there is any problem Fiverr support will be able to clearly see they have what they need and will be able to match that up with what you agreed with the client.


A good advise! Yes i had send the files right on first deliver and 2 times after that seperately through messages. So I have completed my job perfectly. I am waiting for him that if due to some reason he is having problem I could help him with that. Infact when we send somebody a white logo as a .png file that appears blank as .png appear on a white background but when we embedd it on some coloured background then it becomes visible. That is what problem he is having, not trying it on the web page and just seeing the file as white blank page. This is what I want to make him understand.

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Ok. I will do that if he trying make it an issue on intension, otherwise I will help him. Thanks for the suggestion. I am glad there are people who take care, money is not the problem, one losses his reputation, that matters.

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I see so if this is the case that he may not have seen the white logo on a white PNG background this should be easy to talk the client through and resolve the problem. I would save the explanation of how to view a white PNG logo as a quick response so that in the future when you send one to a client you can just send that as a quick response and then you will have made sure you client understands how to view the work. Pre-empting any potential problems with quick response messages is a good way of ensuring a smooth process in delivering work to clients. Its hard to forsee small problems like this before they occur but as long as you deal with each one of them pragmatically and make it easier for your self to deal with them next time they happen then you are on the road to success!


Another good advice! I will keep that in mind too. Thank you prople for being such a good and productive support.

Thanks God I somehow proved him that I had delivered the file but it was you who couldn’t use it properly.